Activities of ISDI 2010

24 December Miss. Intan Sartika Tasmaan & Miss. Ita Maria Notorahardjo performing a traditional Indonesian dance on TVRI program GEMARI in a tribute and award giving event for deserved social workers from non-profit organizations.
18 December Group musical Angklung of ISDI has the honor of performing a few songs at the Confirmation Ceremony night at the Balai Kartini event building, South Jakarta. It was with a triumphant feeling that ISDI participated in this big and prestigious ceremony where the actual event of World Confirmation of the musical instrument ANGKLUNG is originated from Indonesia took place on !6th November in Cape Town, South Africa by UNESCO. The prestigious event was attended by The Minister of Small Businesses for Social Welfare Mr. Sjarifuddin Hasan, Madam Hatta Rajasa (wife of former Social Welfare Minister), Director of Bank Mandiri as the only sponsor.
17 December The famous and beautiful Balinese welcome dance The Pendet was performed by ISDI dancers in their glittering costumes capturing the imagination and appreciation of the great audience of the junior and senior high school students at the Talent Show of the British International School in Jakarta. The applause and reception from the audience made the ISDI dancers all the more happy and proud.
15 December Miss Intan S. Tasmaan, Mr. Robby Eko Raharja and Mr. Alfeus Susanto were invited to entertain their abilities at the Christmas gathering of The Stanley Racing Professional Auto Motive Tools, at their building at Cengkareng West Jakarta. In this occasion ISDI also sold 150 of the ISDI pin of “Campaign for Down syndrome”. All in all everyone was happy, well entertained and amazed at the performance of Eko on keyboard and modern dance by Intan and Alfeus.
11 December A special invitation was extended to Angklung ISDI to perform a few Christmas songs at the Christmas gathering of the TMT Group or PT Trakindo at the Graha Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. It was well appreciated by the gathering and many of the board members were present that night. So a merry and happy feeling was shared and spread all around.
02 December Miss. Intan Sartika Tasmaan & Miss. Ita Maria Notorahardjo perfomed beautifully of their Piring dance, a traditional dance from Sumatra, at the award ceremony event of the Asean Conference for Disability at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta. 10 Asean countries attended the conference and many ex-ministers and current ministers of the host country also attended to give their full support.
01-02 December The 6th Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human Rights at Permata Hote, Bogor. ISDI was represented by Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairman.
01 December With great pride all ISDI members gave their best performance of The beautiful Bali dance The Pendet, a famous welcome dance and flag bearers of the 10 participating Asean countries at the opening ceremony of the Asean Conference at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta. Attending this important event was the former Sports Minister, Mr. Hayono Isman, current Minister of Social Welfare, Mr. Agung Laksono, various organizations for the Disable, VIP guests and other various organizations etc.
29 November The 5th Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human Rights at their second head office bldg at Jl. Abdul Muis no.7, Central Jakarta.
27 November ISDI was honored to perform at the opening ceremony of the HIPENCA 2010 (The International Day for The Disable) at the Blok M Square attended by government officials, VIPs and the media. 6 of ISDI’s dancers gave the dance performance of the beautiful Bali dance, The Pendet, to perfection. This dance is a welcome dance and so it was aptly chosen for this occasion.
02 November A documentary and discussion group InDocs, lpcated at The Goethe Institute, Menteng, Central Jakarta, organized an event with the topic of Down syndrome. It has two documentary films that must be watched and discussed with expertise. ISDI was invited to the discussion event and answered important issues that needed to be known. Also present to enlighten the audience was Mr. Jeffrey Ong a single parent of Down syndrome boy. Unfortunately the audience was not jam-packed due to the end of the World Football Match.
27 Oktober 3 members of ISDI: Miss Intan S. Tasmaan, Miss. Ita M. Rahardjo and Mr. Michael R. Yacub were invited to the Mega Concert sponsored by RCTI TV to accompany one of the most famous band group Ungu and its most handsome and famous frontman Mr. Pasha on stage performing a dance while he was singing. It was such a rare invitation given to the disable, and we considered it such an honor. The show was jam-packed with eager and enthusiastic young fans. They also appreciated ISDI’s members and gave them a good round of applause. In fact they were amazed and proud to see them dancing to the tune of Pasha. They were wearing Balinese costumes which were glittered with bright colors and ornaments, typical of the Balinese costumes.
22 October The 4th Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human Rights The Akmani Hotel, Central Jakarta. ISDI was represented by Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairman.
19 October Once again the joyful and beautiful Pendet dance from the world famous island of Bali was performed by our eight ISDI dancers to the delight and amazement of Her Excellency Pia Melba the Ambassador of the Republic of Mexico and her VIP guests at the opening ceremony of their photo exhibition, at the Galeri Cipta in Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta. It was so nice to see some jaws dropped from the faces of the guests, they never imagine that people with Down syndrome could be trained to perform such a difficult dance movement. We had a great time being proud and feeling mission accomplished.
6 October The 3rd Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human rights at their Head office building at Jl. Merdeka Barat no. 15, Central Jakarta
23 September ISDI was invited and honored to attend the exhibition of painting done by people with Down syndrome from the John Langdon Down school in Mexico, at the Hadiprana Galery in Kemang, South Jakarta. The guests were VIPs form other foreign embassies in Jakarta, the media and friends of Her Excellency Pia Melba the Ambassador of the Republic of Mexico. On this amazing occasion, ISDI received donation from the sale of the exhibition book donated by Her Excellency herself and received in gratitude by Mrs. Aryanti Rosihan Yacub as the chairperson of ISDI.
21 August Miss. Intan Sartika Tasmaan & Miss. Ita Maria Notorahardjo, ISDI’s most talented dancers performed the Jali-Jali, a Betawi’s most popular dance at the invitation of the House of Education in celebration of the 65th Independence Day of Indonesia at the Colours apartment hall, at Modern Land, Tangerang.
17 August It was such a proud moment that several of ISDI’s members, parents and volunteers were invited as guest of the Palace at the 65th Indeoendence Day ceremony of the lowering of the Red and White National Flag. It was an awesome experience. All guests were in their best dressed, and there were various attractions shown to entertain us all.
15 August Angklung ISDI, The musical bamboo instrument of ISDI’s mini orchestra, was invited to perform for the House of Education at the 65th celebration of the Indepencdence Day of Indonesia at the Lindeteves building, in China Town, Jakarta.
31 July It was a rare and indeed a great honor for Angklung ISDI to perform a few religious and love songs at the Wedding Ceremony in a church and also at the reception of Miss Dwi Dessy Aryani from PT GarudaFoods and Mr. Ericson Hutabarat. There wasn’t a dry eye at the church when ISDI performed at the church, at the reception not only Angklung ISDI played more of the love songs to serenade the happy couple but also some beautiful dance to help make the occasion more lively and extraordinary.
23 July – 02 August ISDI was truly honored at the invitation extended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Board to join in the painting exhibition and show case their abilities of art in the disable category along side the able children from across Indonesia in a theme: Proud of Indonesian Culture”, at the National Galery, Central Jakarta. The exhibition was opened by the director of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Board. Several disable young people gave a performance of dance and songs to the delight of the guests.
13 July The 2nd Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human Rights at their second head office at Jl. Abdul Muis no.7, Central Jakarta.
21 Jun - 21 July The Balinese welcome dance was performed by ISDI’s most talented dancers at the opening ceremony of the Children help Children Charity Bazaar organized by Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta in collaboration with UNICEF to aid children in Asia Pacific with medicines. ISDI was once again honored to be chosen to participate in such a good cause. Without a second thought, we jumped at the invitation. We are also proud to have done a great job and donated a significant amount we collected by selling our products at the bazaar booth for the duration of the charity bazaar.
24 – 30 Juni PORNAS- The National Championship for the Disable held it’s 6th event at the Ragunan Sports Center, South Jakarta. ISDI members won many medals in the athletics and swimming events. In athletics we won: 0 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze and 3 ribbon and while in swimming we won: 3 gold, 6 silver, 0 bronze and 11 ribbon. There were many improvements of records in this event, which meant our athletes were training hard and gave their best effort to reach their target. Mission accomplished!!!
10 June The 1st Workshop for the Department of Female Welfare and Youth Human Rights at their second head office at Jl. Abdul Muis no.7, Central Jakarta. ISDI was well represented by Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairman. The aim of this workshop was to aid the government to review, to check then to propose laws for the disable and the special needs people which have been neglected for a long time due to the inactive implementation of the government. It was certainly an honor to be included in this exclusive group, which meant that ISDI was recognized as being important.
29 May Regular swimming evaluation of Club SOIna-ISDI, at the Podomoro Sports Center, North Jakarta. All different classes from beginners class to advance class were evaluated.
23 May Since 2004, ISDI has formed a special friendship with The British International School and has become a fixture at various ex-cul events such as: sports, talents show, disco dance and some raise awareness events. This time it was the annual biathlon, a combination of swimming and sprint. We did well in both because we had been training since then. Our swimming team did a good job, but of course not yet as well as the students of the British International School swimming team. But everyone was impressed at our improvement. They watched us grow from strength to strength. Initially we were unsure of the relationship but as time passes we became fast friends. We hope this will be a life long and happy relationship which will be beneficial for both sides.
22 May Group musical Angklung ISDI gave a perfect performance at the 17th anniversary of the Kaleb Commission of the Jesus Christ Church of Sunter at Sunter, North Jakarta.
16-17 May ISDI was invited to participate at the PT GarudaFood book bazaar for three days, raising awareness by selling products made by the ISDI children. It went quite well and the message that we convey about Down syndrome was taken well by the top up and bottom down staff board of trustees of PT GarudaFood
14 May It was a day of fun for some ISDI’s members. With their parents, teachers and some volunteers they went to see The Russian Circus at the town of BSD, Serpong. It was their first time to see, so it was with some trepidation the children went inside the unfamiliar and dark especially erected massive tent. The décor and bright glittery costumes, the loud sound made some children dread the entire show. But slowly they calmed down and towards the end they did enjoy and had a good time.
09 Mei A few Down syndrome girls and boys were chosen to walk the red carpet with talk show queen Miss Rossiana Silalahi at the MTV Kids Choice Awards at the indoor Tennis court, Senayan, South Jakarta. The event was sponsored by Global TV.
21 April 11th anniversary of ISDI.
11 April Talk show raising awareness campaign at Global TV in The Rossy Show featuring: The introduction of Angklung ISDI playing a few songs which brought tears to miss Rossy and the audience, Aryanti Rosihan Yacub as chairperson of ISDI and her son Michael Rosihan Yacub as Special Olympian with numerous medals and awards focusing on swimming and sprint and as a MURI record holder as the only Down syndrome in Asia who plays golf which was cemented on 24th January 2010. MURI record of Indonesia is equivalent to the Guinness Book of Record of the world. Mrs Maria Yustina as a successful and a tireless parent of her daughter Stephanie Handojo to raise awareness and change her daughter’s life and make a difference. Fanny as she is called, has gone to a normal elementary school and had gone on to attend the academy of hotel management. She is also a Special Olympian focusing in swimming, her medals and awards have shown that she is extraordinary, she is also a MURI record holder for playing 22 songs non-stop on the piano. Mr. Choki Sitohang, a celebrity who has a Down syndrome young sister was also a guest of Rossy. The topic was of course…..Down syndrome.
04 April All Down syndrome members band Stars performed at the invitation of the Christian University Atmajaya, South Jakarta. This is its third debut performance, it’s still young in experience but looks very promising. All it needs is a lot of invitation to showcase their abilities.
29 March The second debut of the Down syndrome members band, The Stars, performing at The Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta. It was well received and the band members were more ready to showcase their abilitie and talents. The team work was just perfect.
26 March Talk show as part of raising awarenss for Down syndrome through DA AI TV with Mrs. Aryanti Rosihan Yacub as chairperson of ISDI and as parent and her son Michael Rosihan Yacub as proof of her success story raising her Down syndrome son to be reckoned with and as a role model for many parents with Down syndrome children to give hope for a better life and future.
21 March The first debut of the Down syndrome members band, The Stars. They were unsure at first but ended with an amazing performance. It was held at The WDSD- The World Down Syndrome Day event at Jakarta Zoo, Ragunan South Jakarta. This was a trial and error moment for the band members and everybody involved. It wasn’t easy to make the team work properly, but it showed it could be done and produced something amazing.
21 March ISDI gave full support to the WDSD – World Down Syndrome Day, event at The South Jakarta Zoo with the theme “Making friends with Animals” which was organized by POTADS – Society of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome. The day started in the early morning with the buddy walk event, followed by making friends with the animals such as baby tiger, horse ride etc, then followed by more attraction of children from everywhere giving their best performance of musical and dance routine, other talents were also showcased such as playing the drum, reciting the Muslim prayers and the first and only Down syndrome band Stars which made its first debut to the amazement of the audience. The young men and girls of the band were deliriously happy to perform although one or two seemed a little unsure at first and received a good round of applause. ISDI sold products of blocknotes, pins and umbrellas. ISDI also presented it’s most active musical Angklung group for the audience which was well received. Everybody went home happy at the end of the day.
19 March The second swimming evaluation and selection for the National Championship in June. It was held at the Podomoro Sports Club Center, Sunter, North Jakarta. The category for selection was the beginners class with swimming aids and the advance or competition class.
18 March Taping of Talk Show regarding gifted Down syndrome (Michael R. Yacub and Stephanie Handojo) and Angklung performance of ISDI for the Rossy Show at Global TV Studio.
14 March Miss. Stephanie Handojo and Mr. Michael R. Yacub were asked by talk show queen Miss. Rossiana Silalahi of Global TV to honor the birthday bash of Mr. Arifin Panigoro, a well known and respected businessman, a philanthropist and billionaire of Indonesia at his residence at Jl. Jenggala, South Jakarta. Miss Stephanie was to play a few songs on the piano, and she played them beautifully and perfectly…no doubt she was the holder of the MURI Record for playing 22 songs on the piano non-stop earlier in the year in Semarang, Middle Java. While Mr. Michael R. Yacub had the honor of bringing in the birthday cake and presented to the birthday man from one junior golfer to the senior golfer. Mr Arifin Panigoro is the current chairman of The Indonesian Golf Organization, and Mr. Michael R. Yacub is the title holder of The Record MURI being the only Down syndrome golfer in Asia. The evening atmosphere was relax and very friendly attended by the rich and famous, family and friends, and some former and current ministers of the cabinet of President SBY. It showed that Mr. Arifin Panigoro was well liked.
14 March 30 Down syndrome members of ISDI, their parents and caregivers participated at the annual Jakarta 2.5 K Road Race held at the British International School campus, Tanggerang. This time the Jakarta International students were assigned to ISDI as volunteers. ISDI has gain some new friends.
13 March For the second time Group musical Angklung ISDI was invited to perform at a special “Praise The Lord” event of the Church of Christ Indonesia, at Jelambar, West Jakarta. The audience had known ISDI and so amazed that ISDI musical Angklung has made much improvement and perfected and has overcome some of their disabilities. Some tears were shed form the audience who watched us grew from strength to strength. Praise The Lord for giving us the best!
06 March Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairperson of ISDI made a live interview for Hang Radio of Batam Island in raising awareness about Down syndrome.
01 March Field trip to Bogor Presidential Palace for ISDI, followed by lunch at Saung Hejo restaurant serving traditional Sundanese (West Java) specialties. Participants also include teachers, parents and volunteers. We were given a VIP treatment considering we were in our good behavior, happy and special. We took photos with the tour guide and some officials.
27 February ISDI gave a rare performance of Creative Movement at a charity night sponsored by Café Cup & Cino at Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta. A Café with a heart, was their theme for the night. Other sponsors were PT GarudaFoods, PT Morin. Two national TV medias and magazines covered the event for the night. There was a talk show with the representative of ISDI, the beautiful Soraya Haque, a TV presenter and artist who cares for Down syndrome. Drummer players and keyboard players showcased their talents to the amazement and delight of parents and spectators alike, they certainly drew much attention of passersby and were given much appreciation in the form of big cheers and applause.
20 February ISDI gave a perfect performance at the Chinese New Year celebration of Bukit Mulia Foundation at the Grand Ballroom of the Sands Restaurant at ITC Mangga Dua, Central Jakarta. The Group musical Angklung of ISDI played a few songs both Indonesian and Chinese to the delight and amazement of the audience which earned good cheers and applause. So did ISDI’s dancers Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan and Miss Ita Maria Notorahardjo, who gave a magnificent performance of the……. From….. to an uproar of applause form the audience. All around both sides were happy and satisfied.
30 January The first swimming evaluation of the swimming CLUB SOIna-ISDI towards the National Championship for the disable in June. There were about 30 athletes participating in both the beginners with swimming aids and the advance catagories.
24 January Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan and Miss Ita Maria Notorahardjo, both are ISDI’s most talented dancers, was honored to give their support to the Yayasan Laetitia, a foundation for the blind at a New Year bash event at their Laetitia Building at Gunung Sahari, Central Jakarta, with the famous Piring dance originated from the Island of Sumatra.
24 January Mr. Michael Rosihan Yacub, an ISDI member and a Special Olympian athlete, received the ultimate Indonesian MURI Record (the equivalent of the Guinness Book of Record of the world) as the only Down syndrome golfer in Asia. The ceremony was performed after Michael has done and proven his ability at the New Year golf competition at the prestigious and world of the championship in 1983 Pondok Indah Golf and Country Club under the watchful eyes of the MURI Record officials and win the score of nett 100 with a handicap of 28. The Record was handed to Michael by Mr. Jaya Suprana, the Chairman of the MURI Record himself with both his parents, and two of ISDI’s Ambassadors: Miss Maya Hasan, Indonesia’s most famous and beautiful solo Harpist and Miss Soraya Haque, Indonesia’s famous and beautiful artist and TV presenter as attendees. The emotion generated during the ceremony was a mix of elation, triumph, touched and pride….many tears were shed and a standing ovation was given to Michael for a job well done. His effort and hard work began from the age of two following both his elder brothers who are also prestigious national and international golf athletes. It was a long journey of 18 years….but triumphant at the end.
23 January On this date the Musical Angklung Group of ISDI gave a special performance for the International Tax and Custom Day at the ministry of tax office building at Rawamangun, East Jakarta, and a farewell occasion for their Finance Minister, Mrs. Sri Mulyani who was leaving Indonesia and moving to New York, USA accepting her new position as Director of World Bank. Mrs. Sri Mulyani was accompanied by her cabinet officials attended the occasion both happy as well as saddened at the turns of event in her life for Indoensia But she was elated, triumphant and happy and was well received and shown much love by her people. She also was both happy and touched to see ISDI’s performance, and she happily came up on stage to give her appreciation by congratulating us, shaking hands with all the personnel of the group and photo taking with the whole group. Appreciation was also given to ISDI for a performance well done. The office of Tax and Custom and ISDI has build a steady relationship in giving Down syndrome the chance to showcase their talent in music in their annual Christmas and other events. We feel both grateful and appreciative giving us the chance and to see us grow from strength to strength.
15 January Christmas is all about praise and glory to the Lord for all Christians. In this special festive occasion a kindergarten school of Global Mnadiri at Cibubur, East of Jakarta has invited ISDI’s musical Angklung group, to perform a few songs of praise and joyful Christmas songs to show that the Lord showered HIS Love even for the handicap, that we are also special in HIS eyes. This was a way to teach the young pupils to respect and feel compassion for the less fortunate.
About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

Events Schedule