For Parent

Dear parents, we understand how you must have felt the first time you met your baby. It wasn’t what you have expected your baby wasn’t perfect as you have dreamt for the whole 9 months of your pregnancy. You are reeling of all sorts of emotions going through your brain and heart and you are very afraid of the future of your new born child.

Fear is the worse of emotion at the early stage of understanding that you have a baby born with Down syndrome. It is a difficult time for both new parents to accept and adjust to the reality of it all. Though time does eventually heal all wounds, but for some it is still not as easy nor it is as simple depending on the circumstance or the support system the new parents get from the people surrounding them.

But now, life for Down syndrome is much easier. We started to raise awareness since we were established in 1999 through the media of television, radio, magazines, talk show everywhere trying to educate people and at the same time try to elevate the dignity of people born with Down syndrome because the carry the burden of the stigma that they are idiots, crazy, imbecile etc….which they are not.

We can now safely say to parents that they are probably the happiest people born on earth, they are kind and meek and best of all they do a lot of giving by way that others see them as a reminder of how lucky they are to be born not different.

Accept them with love, enjoy them and help them be better in life. Do not dwell on something that is sad but move forward and make a difference for your special child.

About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

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