Activities of ISDI 2017

January 12

The New Year was welcomed by ISDI's first performance of The famous Pendet dance at the the grand launching of an international franchise of AMPED Trampoline Park licensed from Singapore located at: Jl. Kirana Avenue No. 88, Kelapa Gading  North Jakarta

The dance was to welcome two current ministers of :

1. Youth and Sports Minister Mr.Imam Nahrawi and

2. Trade Minister Mr. Enggartiasto Lukita and of course other invitees.
For ISDI it was a wonderful occasion with new costumes of red and green and of course a touch of gold which is a trade mark of Bali.

The dance was very much appreciated by all... and especially because they were performed by disable people. The look on the guests faces said it all....and the applause was deafening. All ISDI personnel and parents were very happy for a job well done by the dancers.  They have earned all the appreciation well.

January 17 The second agenda of ISDI in 2017 is the dental health check with The Family Dentistry Dental Clinic under the watchful eyes of drg. S. Adiningrum Wiradidjaja Adiwoso, DDS, and associates at Jl. Panglima Polim II No. 2, kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Our relationship with the clinic has gone way back since 2004. Which has resulted in a very positive way for the patients in that it eliminates fear that is always associating with dentist.  It is also vital to have a good healthy mouth for it can lead to fatal health problems. We thank everyone at the clinic for their time and generosity given to us after all these years.
February 24

Another milestone for Angklung ISDI, the reknown musical group was given the honor to perform their reknown song of Bunda (Mother, by Miss Melly Goeslow) on the ceremony of Brand Launching of The China Construction Bank Indonesia or CCB Indonesia, which was attended by His Excellency Mr.Agus Martowardojo Central Bank Governor of Indonesia, President Commissioner of OJK, Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Mr, Xie Feng, President Director of CCB Indonesia Mr. Li Guo Fu and other VIP invitees from Bank Windhu and Bank Anda and other banks.

Angklung ISDI performed the song Bunda with slides of the real story of the song and which has managed to move the audience to tears. Angklung ISDI also had the honor to close the ceremony as a grand finale with a Chinese song called Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao (Tomorrow Will Be Better) collaborating Paragita Choir which is the University of Indonesia choir. In this grand finale, Mr. Li Gou Fu as President Director of CCB Indonesia and one of his Director, Mrs. Setiawati Samahita came up on stage to sing along with us all.
Blue and white balloons fell from the high ceiling to end the evening.

For ISDI… it was such a precious moment and such a proud and happy occasion.

March 05
At 07.00 am 40 strong ISDI with parents were ready to run the Road Race series with other British Schoolers Jakarta in Bintaro to show our strength. And YEESSS we crossed the finsh line!!!!!  Hip hip Huraaah..what a race and fun it was.
March 08 In relation to the World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, The Chronicles Studio Production House, which focused on a variety of semi documentary video or article for presentation and raise awareness to reach a targeted goal, made a video documentary on ISDI and Center of Hope ISDI with an introduction of Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairperson in an interview at her office in South Jakarta.
March 10

The day The Chronicles Studio Production House came to The Center of Hope ISDI to record all the activities for the presentation of The World Down Syndrome on March 21st to post it on youtube:

On this same date, our Center of Hope received special guests from two different organizations: Mrs. Lusy and The Kwik Kian Gie Business School.

March 14 The Swiss – bel Hotel located at Pondok Indah 1st anniversary was a special one and rather different than the usual celebration with staff.  The management invited our entire Center of Hope students, teachers and caregivers to celebrate with them with a variety of activities, such as: lunch with a table manner showcase, after lunch we did some housekeeping training and cake decorating, then there’s music and dancing all together with the hotel staff and Mr. Dino Leonandri, their General Manager. Group photo is not forgotten of course to cement such sweet event in our memories.  Everyone was happy going home with goody bags

March 15 Still on The World Down Syndrome commamoration, Da Ai TV made a point to make a special shooting of the activities of our students in our Center of Hope ISDI, at Jln. Danau Indah Barat blck B9/10, Sunter, North Jakarta.
March 16 Mr. Jonathan Farmer, his wife Sara and baby Owen, who is Down syndrome from Batam Island met Mrs. Aryanti at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kemayoran, to discuss the likelihood of opening a center for Down syndrome in Batam Island.
March 17 Anamorphic Production House, Bandung: Some students from Bandung, West Jawa, came especially to our Center of Hope ISDI to begin shooting the necessary documentary of teaching dancing for people born with Down syndrome as therapy to improve their quality of life.
This short documentary film will be entered to a competition in the coming festival Film in San Francisco, USA in August 2017.
March 18 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub and her teaching staffs attended an education seminar from Spokle, Australia at their digital APP launch event at The Mercure Hotel in Jl. Cikini Raya No. 66, Central Jakarta. This launch will enable the public to download certain education for the special needs children with ease and less expensive.
March 21 On this exact date….which is the World Down Syndrome Day, Mrs. Aryanti and her son Michael appeared in a TV talk show at the JawaPost TV at their first news program called: Nusantara Kini Pagi…and it was a live show.
March 26

The month of March is a very special month, besides being The World Down Syndrome month, it is also the heaviest awareness month this year for ISDI, especially our Center of Hope ISDI. So many invitation and so many activities to commemorate the World Down Syndrome Day.  After such a long journey of raising awareness…..finally the people of Indonesia open their eyes and to recognize this special disability.

The church of St. Yohanes Bosco, a Catholic Church at Jl. Taman SUnter Indah block A3 No. 13-21, Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta, invited ISDI for their important talk show and dance performance.  The talk show from ISDI was represented by ISDI’s VP, Mrs. Maisi Wiriadi and parent, Mrs. Tashia Ananto.
The dance from ISDI was the Kicir-Kicir, a folklore dance from Betawi, and performed by 8 ladies and gentlemen dancers.  There was also many other varieties of interesting activities to occupy small children from the church activities.

April 05 30 students from The Kwik Kian Gie Business School came to have fun with our students and teaching staffs at our Center of Hope ISDI, at Sunter.
It was a day full of laughter and fun but also some serious learning for our guests…where they were given cooking lessons from our special students…..imagine that!!!! What a rare and beautiful sight indeed. A truly mission accomplished for our teaching staffs that all the hardship and long training of our students in our cooking skills program have paid off.
The lunch menu was simple: process of frying tofu and tempe, frying rice noodle, krupuk, and frying vegetable kangkung and making sambal.  All materials were provided by our guests. We ate sitting not on the table as the usual, but on the floor with long banana leaves spread as our means of plates.  We ate using not fork and spoon but our clean hands.  It was sooo much fun and a first for our students of CoH.
After lunch we continue to have more fun and games and sing songs, and since it was coincide with the birthday of our student Mr. Eko, naturally the birthday song was sung repeatedly until it became annoying but full of laughter.
The event ended with us all joining  Angklung ISDI to play children songs and again the birthday song for Mr. Eko.
Gifts were exchanged by both sides before our guests bit farewell but with the promise to come back soon.  
May 06 UNSTOPPABLE!!! Damn right….when the Down syndrome is in Hip Hop dance mode nothing could stop their enthusiastic spirit and spread it like wild fire to the audience surround it. The event was choreographed by The Bridge Dance Academy, Bandung…who has very talented people and a few Down syndrome starters…Bravo!!!! And we are so very proud of course.  It does open a lot of eyes to the capabilities of those they think is worthless. They are worth a ton of gold.  A fantastic and wonderful event at the BTC Fashion Mall, Bandung, West Jawa.

Afterwards it was all party for everyone.  The next day on the way back to Jakarta, we spent some time at the Trans Studio Theme Park Bandung. Good bye Bandung…till we meet again.
May 09 After class of the Down syndrome Hip Hop dance, we all went to see a movie “ Satria Heroes”… and a special appearance of Maki, the front man of Ungu, a very popular group band. Of course they had selfies with him. What a wonderful ending for a job well done by each and everyone in the Down syndrome Class of Gigi Art of Dance.
May 17 It was such a great honor to attend the celebration of the 91st birthday of The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, at the Grand Ballroom of the Shangrila Hotel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Central Jakarta, an invitation extended by His Excellency Mr. Moazam Malik, the British Ambassador to Indonesia
May 23 Another great honor to be invited to attend the welcoming reception for Their Majesties, The King and Queen of Sweden upon their state visit to Indonesia. The reception will be held at The Bali Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Indonesia Kempinsky, Jl. MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta, an invitation extended by Her Excellency Mrs. Johana Brismar Skoog, The Ambassador of Sweden to Indonesia.
May 31 UPH (University of Pelita Harapan), invites the class of Hip Hop Down syndrome from Gigi Art of Dance, of which some are members of ISDI at their event
June 19 A first for all students of Center of Hope ISDI to dance their hearts out to the tune of Gemu Fe Mire a folklore line dance of the island of Maluku with the guests as participants at the anniversary of The Vihara Yayasan Avalokitesvara Vipasana Graha (AVG). It was such a fun and happy atmosphere and enjoyed by all.

The event was held at Jln. Sunter Bisma Utara C15 No. 27, North Jakarta. The food was great and it was all vegetarian. Everyone went home satisfied and with some goody bags as well.
July 12 
Chairperson of ISDI and Mrs. Helen Dewi Kirana Ogilvie Founder of NES Fashion House, had the opportunity to present NES to the British Council team of creative arts of the heritage mission behind NES fashion which appeals to the British Council vision in Indonesia. NES presentation was of The Piring Selampad Batik from Pekalongan, Middle of Java  and Cirebon, West Java… which have not been explored much. Receiving us at The British Council office, at Jln. Senopati Raya No. 8B, South Jakarta was Miss Ari Sutanti I her capacity as Program manager and her team.
July 15 Some members of ISDI who joined up with Gigi Dance Studio in Hip Hop dance activities, performed their Summer Dance Camp routine at Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta in front of hundreds of interested and curious passersby, mall goers as well as families and friends.  This time our Down syndrome group performed in collaboration with Bridge Dance Academy, another Hip Hop Down syndrome group from Bandung, West Java.  It was of course a lot of fun and our class has improved a lot.  Appreciation was apparent coming from the applause from audience.
July 24 Cooking program Center of Hope ISDI brought the students to the Domino’s Pizza to have a try out making pizza. Naturally everyone had so much fun as pizza is one of their favorite food.  Everyone was in attendance and bring home their own creative pizza.
July 26
Bamboo Fiesta is an annual event in the West Java bamboo musical calendar.  This time Angklung ISDI, for the second time is performing for the Opening Ceremony dinner attended by many VIPs from West Java and some representatives from neighboring countries.  It was such an honor and prestige for Angklung ISDI.
About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.