Activities of ISDI 2016

January 03
A lovely visit to our Center of Hope ISDI by our wonderful supporter Mrs. Melly Kiong, herself an avid activist of Mindful Parenting.
January 14
Trampoline--- a game or sport game not so easy to do especially for Down syndrome.  We had the chance to try it when a wonderful invitation arrived at our door step to a trial play for the grand opening occasion of the vast indoor playground of Amped Trampolin Park at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was to be cut by the DKI Governor, Mr. Basuki Cahaya Purnama or Ahok… our endearment name for him.
January 24
Our talented Down syndrome members were the main focused of the theme: Erasing The Discrimination Through the Freedom of Arts” celebrated at The Ismail Marzuki Small Theater, Jl. Cikini Raya No. 73, Central Jakarta. A few new members were debuted at this event performing in the traditional folklore dances of The beautiful Balinese dance of Pendet, the newly trained Papua dance Yamko Rambe Yamko and of course our renowned Angklung.  At this event, there was a collaboration of music with The Sisilain Band from Bandung, West Java.  Goods made by our students were on sale. We thank our sponsors and our event organizer, The Solidaritas Kemanusian Indonesia (SKI) for making it possible.
January 31
Our regular once a year dental cleaning meet with The Family Dentistry, headed by drg. S. Adiningrum Wiradidjaja Adiwoso, DDS and her competent team at their base office, Jl. Panglima Polim II No. 2, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. 30 or more of our members came and went home with a bright new clean sets of teeth.
February 11
“Hari Kasih Sayang” or Valentine day, an event so appropriate given to us by the junior high school students of Sekolah SMPK Tiara Kasih, Jl. Dharma Raya Block C/1, Taman Semana Indah, Cengkareng, West Jakarta. Today the rundown was reversed.  We teach some 200 junior high school kids some intricate activities of; cookies decorating, bracelet making and applying sticker for refrigerators magnets.  It was so much fun in midst of relax chaos, laughter and friendly jokes. Afterwards there were spontaneous performances of dances as well as some serious evaluation and sharing of feelings by the Tiara kasih students.  It was a very moving and memorable and fun experience gained by both sides.  
February 29
This is a very interesting visit by the ladies from Bamboo Spa to our premises, The Center of Hope ISDI. Their visit was to show that they are not only beautiful but also have compassion for people with special needs.  They joined and tried our activities of making cookies, decorating cookies, making bracelets and sticking stickers for making refrigerators magnets. The whole atmosphere was one of fun and relax with humor and ending it with lunch brought by the ladies.  Some goods of ours were bought…. making us a reasonable profit. And of course we took some photo groups.
March 04
In the leading up to The World Down Syndrome Day, Mrs. Aryanti acting as mother and as chairperson of ISDI and her son, Michael were invited to be interviewed in the popular TV show Cerita Hati from the media Kompas TV, hosted by the beautiful and youthful Desi Ratnasari and her co-host the well liked spiritual and religious Islam preacher Ustadz Wijayanto.  The talk show was one of full of laughter, relax but yet full of deep meaning and an eye opener for the viewer about Down syndrome and the special journey and secret of God…and HIS miracles.
March 10
In the event celebrating The World Down Syndrome Day, Tabloid Wanita Indonesia had Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub, chairperson of ISDI explained her life journey with her Down syndrome son, Michael who has achieved so much in national and international sporting and arts events since he was young.  She also gave insight into the long and difficult journey of leading her non profit organization since 1999 and opening the renowned Center of Hope for adults Down syndrome, a continuing vocational and life skills program.
March 17
Tzu Chi Pantai Indah Kapuk 3rd and 4th grader school students came in with their moms and head school committee, Miss Rika, to form a special  frienship with our students at our Center of Hope ISDI by participating in several activities, such as: cake decorating, bracelet making, performing musical talents from both sides, gift giving from both sides and ending the day with a delicious vegetarian lunch of chicken rice. It was a memorable day for the 3rd and 4th grader as well as their moms to learn something about what Down syndrome is and interacting with us to help erase the negative stigma and the discrimination about people born with Down syndrome.
March 19
EQ…HR Excellency, a youth educational training institute, is visiting our Center of Hope to have some fun in a variety of games and activities, such as: story telling, song and dance, and a few other educational activities. Some touching moments were visible when our musical ensemble students performed a few songs. The 35 attendees are a mixture of students and the working class. Fortunately a TV media, The Kompas TV will be there to shoot the activities.
March 21

Today is the whole world celebrates The World Down Syndrome Day.. and the Center of Hope is no exception… celebrating with The Theravada Buddha Sasana, a youth organization from Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. They will be joining our program for the day. Interesting but certainly not simple activities were the agenda for the day, such as: painting free hand, crafts, cake decorating were all done as a team..which is not as easy as anyone imagined.  In the end everyone had a great and memorable time together.
We hoped this day will cement our friendship long term.

March 31
A special visit by the students of The Pelita Harapan International School, Lippo Karawaci to our Center of Hope ISDI, to see our place and our program to which they will be joining for the duration of the visit.  It should be full of fun and give something different to their expectation. The program of the day is cooking together.  A simple menu yet has many aspect of learning and involving many different level of motor skills were the order of the day.  It was all very impressive and wonderful for both sides.  They were having genuine fun.  It is a good friendship building…everyone is comfortable with everyone else.
April 08 Involvement of ISDI with the office of the Minister of Human Development and Culture of The Republic of Indonesia. Further meeting for coordinating for The Protection of Children with Disabilities by The Minister of Health at Jl. West Merdeka No. 3, Central Jakarta.
April 13 Although ISDI is focused on Down syndrome, but this year ISDI was included in the celebration for World Autism Day, being held at the Auditorium Siwabessy at Dr. Sujudi Bldg, Health Minister office , Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X5 Kav. 4-9, South Jakarta.
April 14-15 Further meeting with the office of The Minister of Health of The Republic of Indonesia on program for the best health care for Children with Disabilities, at The Park Lane Hotel, Jl. Casablanca kav. 18, South Jakarta.
April 19 Volunteers…we need you!!! Mrs. Prima Mareti and Mrs. Herdirumiasih K, came by bringing with them colorful goodies of synthetic leather-like threads…to be woven into beautiful necklaces, bracelets and many more creations.  The students of The Center of Hope enjoyed their time with both ladies immensely, which ended the day with simple lunch cooked by some of the students.
April 19 First time meet with Mrs. Retno Astuti Aryanto, founder of: The Special Olympics Indonesia, The Yayasan Asih Budi, and an avid activist for the people with disabilities.  This  first meeting is for a new concept of celebrating the National Day for The Intellectually Challenged in around the 20th of December.. which will be fully supported by  the government, at her residence, Jl. Swadaya II/29, Duren Sawit,  East Jakarta. This celebration is meant to show appreciation towards people with intellectual challenges and at the same time to slowly erase the negative stigma associated with people born with intellectual challenges.
April 21 Jungle Book the movie…..a must see for everyone who loves all the Disney cartoon movies.  No exception for all the students of The Center of Hope and their care givers. Needless to say everyone enjoyed the afternoon outing tremendously.
April 21 DA AI TV.. one of our best media friend is shooting the home activities of Miss. Intan Sartika Tasmaan a 35 years old Down syndrome young lady with many talents for the talk show  program “Family Life” with theme “My Special Child” which will be aired on May 14th.
April 28 Continuing shooting of the activities Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan as a special needs person, at the Center of Hope ISDI as well as of Mr. Toho Francisco Lukas for the talk show program of “Family Life” which will be aired on 14th May 2016 and the TV crew will directly visit and interview the parents of Mr. Toho Francisco Lukas  of what is life like in their household.
May 11 First time meeting for ISDI with the Foreign Office Ministry on Human Rights issues focusing on Health Care, Education and Work Force for persons with disabilities at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republik Indonesia.
May 12

Although visiting a museum is a rare outing for school children, but this did not stop The Center of Hope ISDI to take their students to visit one with the hope they will learn something new and feeling excited. The visit was to the national Museum..a.k.a The Elephant Museum at Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 12, Central Jakarta.

They were given a special tour especially considering their condition. They were given historical information from textile to miniature folklore houses all across Indonesia..and other important historical relics. Their faces either registered nothing or we can hear their uuhs and aahs at something… but at the end of the tour..everyone was happy and bring home with them a recollection of something that interest them to tell their parents. So it was a successful outing after all.

May 14 Talk show “My Special Child” in The Family Program of DAAI TV: featuring ISDI, represented by Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan and her parents and Mr. Toho Francisco Lukas and his parents.
May 15 Road Race at The British International School Jakarta.  This time the weather was friendly and nice…and ISDI participated with zest and energy.  The 2K race was completed by everyone of ISDI who came..even though some reached the finish line waaayyy  behind…but nonetheless they finished…to a thunderous applause by all the participants that day.
June 01 Representing the Intellectual disabilities, Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub, chairwoman of ISDI was present at the launching of the book “Mengakui Minoritas” (Accepting Minorities), sponsored and written by The Human Rights of Indonesia.  Present was the Chairman of The Indonesian Human Rights, Mr M. Imdadun Rahmat, some representative of The Netherlands Embassy, speakers from diverse sectors, fellow organizations of The Deaf, The Blind, Transgender and ISDI. The event was held at the Human Rights Bldg, at Jl. Latuharhari No. 4B, Central Jakarta… with an interesting and awesome opening ceremony, a Balinese dance by Transgender.
June 09 Prudential Insurance is world know…and for everyone in Prudential especially staff and officers to connect well and understand their customers, they need to regularly to hear, see and be involved in activities other then selling insurance.  These activities include social activities, motivational seminars, talk show of many subjects including inspirational stories to uplift and build their EQ. One such stories is ISDI…how ISDI has helped many Down syndrome rise above the negative stigma and become stars in their own right.

The date was set for 21st July for ISDI to host the talkshow about intellectually challenged people more specifically Down syndrome and for ISDI dancers to perform the famous Balinese dance .. The Pendet and talk which they started to learn it in the year 2001.  It took them a very long time to master is…such is their disabilities…but in the end they rejoice at their own ability.
June 14 The people of Jakarta has a unique way of get together culture….one of them is movie viewing.  This tradition is not only serve the ordinary people well, but also with the government people when they want to communicate or serve some important purpose….such as the pre-National Day for Children with her Excellency Mrs. Yohanna Susana Yembise, The Minister of Women’s Welfare and Protection for Children, IBM and Colonel of The Marine, Mr. Hargianto The office of her ministry has invited ISDI representing the intellectual disability, Aluna representing the deaf and elementary school children from SD Negeri 1 Tebet.

The subject was about fight bullying and reaching your optimal ability.  The movie was “ 12 Minutes for Ever” by Titik Radjo Bintang.  It was a very inspirational as well as motivational movie about a group of school drum band fighting their many obstacles to get to the top and be the winner.  There were tears and jubilation..and everyone feels great and motivated at the end of the movie.
June 24 The holy month of Ramadhan is an important month for all Muslims to do fasting, a means of cleansing the body and rejuvenate the body organs…and the souls by doing good deeds to the less fortunate.
It is the culture to “give” in this holy month…especially to orphanages.  People and big corporate businesses come visit laden with foodstuff and clothes for them to feel happy and looking forward to the end of the fasting month and celebrate the Eid Day…with new clothes symbolizing a new beginning of a good future.

One of the programs in our Center of Hope ISDI is to build the students sense of caring towards those less fortunate.  This program involves saving their allowance for a whole year in a piggy bank and then open it during this holy month to buy foodstuff and toys for those in the orphanages to make them happy.

This year ISDI has chosen an orphanage: The PSAA Murni Jaya, in Semper, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.  The orphanage takes on 60 or so little children from the surrounding area.  They have minimal things to live by.
The Center of Hope ISDI came laden with foodstuff, some cash and did a bit of entertaining done by Mr. Robby Eko with his violin serenading the little children. The time was short but full of happiness and satisfaction for both sides.  Happy ending to a good day.
June 29 After performing for The Governor of DKI, Mr. Basuki Tjahaya Purnama or Ahok as he is known in 2014 at his office building and his presence, the word Down syndrome became more heard.  Recently Mr. Ahok let it be know via the media of his every intention to provide facilities for people with Autism and Down syndrome in DKI.

ISDI was invited to speak and have its say on the matter.  Mrs. Aryanti as chairperson, her VP, Mrs. Maisi Wiriadi and Miss Nia as secretary to ISDI met with many government bodies of Mr. Ahok to pay attention to details and the needs of people born with Down syndrome and who have very low intellectual abilities.
July 14 Hip Hop Down syndrome class performed at the Gallery Indonesia Kaya
July 21 ISDI’s dancers performed at the Prudential Tower and The prudential Center-Pru Sales Academy for their annual refreshing program.  The presentation by Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub themed Where There’s A Will There’s A Way… a motivation program directed for the staffs and executives of Prudential Life Insurance Company.
July 24 Another Hip Hop dance by Down syndrome performing at the Gandaria City Mall…as part of the Gigi Art of Dance troupe, South Jakarta.
August 04 ISDI’s dancers and the Down syndrome hip hop dancers performed their best at the annual members gathering of the UN Global Impact Indonesia.
August 09 ISDI’s dancers serenading guests and VIPs at opening ceremony dinner of The WHO and Asean countries regional meeting on Birth Defects and Genetic at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jl. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung kav. E.1.1 No.1, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.
August 23
A rare field trip to the House of Parliament of Republic Indonesia
September 01-04 It was such a rare occasion when we went all out to perform our best at the drama musical of “ The Unspoken Talent Night series 5” with theme “ SABILULUNGAN”  Kabayan became Professor in Bandung, West Java on the 3rd of September with 50 more other special needs people to become the most participating disabilities in a theater style performance on stage of music and dance.
ISDI gave the Papua folklore dance of Yanko Rambe Yamko and our famous Hip Hop dance collaborating with The Gigi Art of Dance Studio.  The Hip Hop dance is the first in Indonesia which started in May 2012.  We rocked Bandung with our performances and certainly made such a long lasting impression.  The mayor of Bandung Mr. Ridwan Kamil came at the near the end of the event apologizing for being late due to government work that he couldn’t get away.  At least he turned up, so everyone loved him the more for it.  This performance was certified by MURI, the Indonesian version of the Guinness Book of Records…. was signed and witnessed by the mayor of Bandung, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, VIP guests, sponsors, parents, guests and all participants.
September 14 DA AI TV shooting at our Center of Hope ISDI, a compilation of events and activities for their talk show program of “ Mutiara Indonesia” with theme of “ Inspirational Woman in Indonesia” which features our chairperson, Ibu Aryanti Rosihan Yacub who has done a great job with ISDI and becomes such an inspiration to many families with Down syndrome children in Indonesia.
September 27
ISDI’s chairperson, our Ibu Aryanti Rosihan Yacub, being such an inspirational person and mother was invited for taping a talk show in the “Female Zone” program of  Berita Satu TV news media in regards of her son, Michael and ISDI. The studio was located at Satu Plaza Building 11th floor, Jl. Gatot Subroto kav. 35-36, South Jakarta.
September 28 Continuation of taping the talk show of “Mutiara Indonesia” with theme “Inspirational Woman in Indonesia” by DA AI TV and interviewed by the famous and beautiful Miss Becky Tumewu at the Library Café of Da Ai TV situated at their vast compound of Tzu Chi Center, Tower 2, Jl. Boulevard Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 14470.
September 30
A miracle for sure!!!, Michael was given a chance to show some golf skill at the beginning of an event leading up to the 6th Indonesian Master Golf Championship at The Royale Jakarta Golf Club, Halim 3. He did some driving with some of the local Pro golfers:
1. Andrew Wirawan
2. Rudi Anto
3. Kurnia Herisiandy Santoso
4. Sarmilih
5. Jordan Surya Irawan
6. Rinaldi A
++ Michael became a superstar for the day…because he is unique, he is the only golfer with Down syndrome in Indonesia…the media had a field day covering Michael.
October 06-09 It is the first time ever that The Indonesian Master Golf Championship invited Michael Rosihan Yacub and recognized him as a golf player with Down syndrome, the only one in Indonesia at the moment….to be part of this very prestigious event. Michael will appear in a few agenda of the event:  driving games with some of the pro local golfers for the media, at the welcoming party on the 4th at the JS Luwansa Hotel, the start of the actual event with coaching some tens of school children to show case some golf skills, and finally at the Sponsors Day Golf event to close up the Indonesian Master Golf Championship at The Royale Jakarta Golf Club, Halim 3.
November 20 The 20th of November was chosen to celebrate both the birthday and 24th wedding anniversary of the prominent and beautiful Mrs. Anita Chairul Tanjung, she is the wife of Mr. Chairul Tanjung, a prominent businessman and the second riches man in Indonesia, who is very hands - on in her charity work for the blind, education and many others under their CT ARSA Foundation.  ISDI had the honor of performing the folkdance of Papua Island, the famous Yamko Rambe Yamko dance by 24 dancers of ISDI from various abilities. Also making a debut on this happy occasion was our Hip Hop dancers collaborating with Gigi Art of Dance Class.

The event was held at Menara Bank Mega building and Trans 7 TV compound at Jl. Kapten Tendean Kav. 12-14, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

The occasion marked a new friendship with ISDI with high hopes of collaborating or event joining forces in the future.
Bless you Mrs. Anita and Mr. Chairul Tanjung.
November 24 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairperson of ISDI attended an invitation by Mrs. Juliet Maric Capelin OBE, the Vice Ambassador of The British Embassy at the Meridien Hotel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav. 18-20, South Jakarta. Guest speakers that night were most inspirational, speaking about candid experiences abroad and at home soil.  They were:  
- Mrs. Sita Aripurnami – Executive Director Women Research Institute,
- Mrs. Lily Purba – Indonesia Representative for ACWC,
- Mr. Poltak Hotradero – Head of Research at the Indonesia Stock Exchange and
- Mrs Felicia Budi – Founder and Creative Director of Budi Label of High Fashion.
November 26 Two of our best dancers: 1. Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan, 2. Miss Ita Maria Notoraharjo, had the honor to join the GCN (Gema Citra Nusantara ) a non-profit Dance Company, founded by Mrs. Mira Arismunandar  with an ambisious mission of promoting the rich culture of Indonesian classic folklore dances from the many islands with a twist. The event marked the 12th anniversary of the Dance Company and was held at the Galeri Kaya Indonesia at The Grand Indonesia Plaza, Central Jakarta.  The attendance was impressive to say the least.  Overall it was fun, educational and impressive with the many talents and beautiful choreography of the many dances.
November 28 Photoshoot session for The NES Musical Concert Charity on 14th December.  Michael Rosihan Yacub representing both The Angklung ISDI and Hip Hop dancers and Mrs. Aryanti Rosihan Yacub, together with the full cast of the Hip Hop dancers of Gigi Art of Dance Company Down syndrome Class. The entire NES team was also there to wiggle, jump, dance, and more to do photoshoot for the book program. It was such a great experience for ISDI. The event was held at the Fotress Photo Studio at Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 43, South Jakarta with so much commotion and fun.
December 07 Mrs Aryanti R. Yacub was on MNC TV morning English News as a parent her Down syndrome son, Michael, and as chairperson of the foundation ISDI. It was aired live on the Day Break Morning News titled “Living with Down syndrome”. Hosting the program was the beautiful Miss Karina Tasya and the handsome Mr. Togi Sinaga. Talking and answering their questions were easy as if sharing life experiences with a close friend. The feeling was warm all around. It was a good live interview.
December 14 The first and only Down syndrome angklung in Indonesia and probably the world had the honor of collaborating with The Raya Indonesia Orchestra and becoming the first and only Down syndrome angklung to make a debut at the NES Fashion House 2nd musical concert charity of “Celebrate Life” held at The Resonanz, Jl. Kertanegara No. 28, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, featuring many well known musical artists from past to present, Miss Maya Hasan our Indonesian harpist, fashion models strutting their talents on the catwalk wearing the latest creation of Helen Dewi Kirana or HDK of amazing design fusion the test of the creative mind. Standing ovation for the angklung performing their best playing the Amazing Grace song to the silent audience with tears running down their faces feeling amazed and touched and humbled.

Then there was the Hip Hop Down syndrome dancers (ISDI collaborating with Gigi Art of Dance Company) performing and carrying the beautiful STOLA or shawl especially created and painted for the occasion and which was auctioned for ISDI. The stola or shawl featured the Black Cockatoo… hand-painted by the artist Mala de Maladi. Cheers and laughter for the Hip Hop dancers. The night brought sweet success for ISDI.

Special thanks to the whole team of Angklung ISDI, of team Hip Hop, of organizers from team Helen, of ISDI’s sponsors, for making it possible. Especially grateful to Mrs. Helen Dewi Kirana for giving us the chance to shine and proof the impossible to be possible and beautiful.
December 15 For the second time Center of Hope ISDI is implementing their table manner program but this time with a special collaboration with Excelso Café at Mangga Dua Square outlet celebrating the 19th birthday of Evan, a young friend of ours from Jember, East Java who is spending 10 days with us in Center of Hope to bond with us all doing great activities, even performing angklung music at the prestigious musical concert of NES Fashion House on 14th of December. In this special implementation we divide our students into several groups: cooking, making drinks and waitressing and with the remainder playing as guests.

Of course no birthday is complete without singing and cake cutting and giving the birthday boy a present or two and with all the best wishes.  So Robby Eko volunteered to showcase his talent in playing the song on his keyboard...and funnily he played it over and over and over again creating a warm and fun atmosphere for everybody attending. It went well and all students remembered to do their job well and on their best behavior. Bravo everyone!!!
December 22 End of year holiday
About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

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