Intan Sartika Tasmaan

IntanIntan was born in 1981. She was the youngest among the three children in the family. She was 8 years younger than her brother. Quite a gap. Family planning seems to be not working for her. God sent her as a gift to the family. It was a shock to the family in the beginning, knowing that this cute little baby was convicted as a Down Syndrome child. Training “family tree” was meaningless.


But life must go on. With no knowledge about DS and special education, several handicapped school were approached. But none seemed to fit Intan’s needs as a DS child, until 7 parents started a self-support school class. Class Intan has 6 students at that time.

Formal education is one thing, but more important is to raise DS children to be a member of the society without too much dependant on others. This is something, which is not provided even by a special schools; at least not in Indonesia yet. At home, Intan is never treated differently by all family members, but yet being loved by everyone. She is given the same chances for almost any house jobs.

Exception is only on harmful ones.

Since her early age, Intan loves music. She moved her body and danced to any fast beat music. She reacted spontaneously to such music at shopping mall, Department store, restaurant, or any other places. She did not care less of people looking strangely at her. We never stopped her because she enjoyed doing so.

Noticing Intan’s interest in music and dances, her mother gave her the fullest support and went through the trouble of taking her around to dancing classes and related activeties. She let her participate in any event possible, as long as Intan can perform in front of any audience. It started with Christmas Drama at School at the age of 7, and then other dances at school events. Her mother took her to outside school as well, like birthday partiles, organization’s anniversary parties, church’s social activities, and other commemoration days possibly allow Intan to perform. Intan also took part in international event. She was featured by Channel News Asia (Singapore) in a program on DS in Asia, representing 4 of its Countries. She performed in Lion’s Club Welcoming Party for their International President. And in the last Asian Conference on Mental Retardation held Yogya In October 2005. Intan has “GONE INTERNATIONAL”

The key words for DS kids to success for the parents:

1.      Do not hide them from the world.

2.      Give them the fullest attention.

3.      Give them the fullest support they need.

4.      Give them the fullest opportunity whenever possible.

Through ISDI, we would like to develop many more Intans around.


Jakarta, March 13 2006

Januar Tasmaan – father of Intan


Name : Intan Sartika Tasmaan
Birth date : Jakarta, September 5, 1981
Gender : Female
Total siblings : 3

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