Activities of ISDI 2012

23 December
ISDI will close it’s activities for 2012 with the last performance of Angklung at the Christmas Celebration with The Young People of Ketapang Church, at Jl. Zainul Arifin no. 9, Central Jakarta.
22 December
Christmas is a time of many things merry as well as reflection of self.  This year will mark as a first for The Center of Hope to host a Christmas party for the Sunday School of Baitani Church from Sukabumi, West Jawa. 70 people will be coming to do several activities with ISDI’s students of Center of Hope to raise awareness as well as build friendship.
13 December
This will be a first performance for ISDI at the Musical Poetry event @ America, Pacific Place Mall, South Jakarta, sponsored by The Jakarta Globe newspaper. Six (6) chosen young adults from ISDI’s Center of Hope will give their best in the reading of poetry.  It will show the ISDI’s angklung performance of the song Bunda as background while the six people read the poetry.
09 December At the cooking competition for raising awareness and raising funds for YPAC, a non profit organization for the disable, ISDI not only participate at the cooking competition, but also donate in the form of their performances of angklung and several types of dances.  The most fun was the Salsa Dance, it was a debut performance by ISDI and our dance teacher Mrs. Damaris Morales, a Cuban born lady. ISDI won 3rd in the cooking competition and was won by Miss Ita Maria and her mother Mrs. Tasia Ananto.  The event was merry though the weather was quite hot and dry.
05 - 06 December

Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub was the guest speaker for the Psychology class at The University of Indonesia discussing about Down syndrome, being a mother to a Down syndrome person and ISDI. The students were in their sophomore and junior stage of their education, so the discussion was more centered around the reality of the life of Down syndrome in general.  Mrs. Aryanti showed video taping of many activities done by ISDI and how ISDI has raised awareness since its formation in 1999 with showing the history of ISDI.  It was an eye opener for the students.

04 December At the Competition for Person with Intellectual Disabilities, sponsored by The Province of DKI Jakarta.  Most of ISDI’s young athletes competed in two of the seven competitions offered, in swimming and sprint. Total of ISDI’s athletes is: 40 athletes and the total of the whole athletes: 200 athletes.  The event took place at the GOR Ragunan, South Jakarta.
29 November
The ISDI dance group A and B will make their performance of Sumatra’s popular folklore dance “ Top Pa De” at the highlight of International Day for the Disable, an event hosted by the Ministry of Social Welfare at Balai Samudra Hall, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.
28 November
A regular field trip of Center of Hope ISDI to the local supermarket, the Lotte Mart Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta  to keep on learning the intriguing method of finding your basic toiletries  and other needs. This time it will be a bit special because it will involve a special program of charity for the YPAC – non profit organization for special needs children, by donating packed noodles into a giant box. This time the event was special because three (3) TV station recorded the simple event, they were: 1. Da Ai TV, 2. BeritaSatu TV, 3. B Channel TV……it was amazing and awesome to be recorded live and meant to be for assisting ISDI’s raising awareness for the whole of Indonesia about Down syndrome.
24 November
Talkshow at Da Ai TV studio, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta in their program “Family”, discussing how and why music is good for Down syndrome, were Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as chairperson of ISDI, Mrs. Venny Lie as music teacher, Miss Reviera Novita Standy, a person with Down syndrome and her devoted mother Mrs. Go Ie Ha.
23 November
Field trip to see and learn about museums. A first time event of show of different types of museums scattered all around Indonesia, from museum of sugar to museum for china.
20 November
Talkshow Mr. Michael R. Yacub, who was born with Down syndrome and his mom, Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub who is also the Chairperson of ISDI with host Mr. Hong Tjin at Da Ai TV studio in Pluit, North Jakarta in their “Meniti Harapan” program discussing about the challenges of changing the many obstacles and handicaps of person with Down syndrome into something truly awesome and short of a miracle.
18 November
ISDI dance group B made it’s debut performance alongside the more experienced group A in the presence of many diversified VIP guests, at the Theater Kecil PKJ – Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta, at the annual and prestigious two-days Festival Budaya Anak Bangsa 2012, an event of cultural understanding of arts from the view of youngsters from schools around Jakarta. 
16 November
Angklung ISDI was honored to be invited to make a debut performance and opening ceremony at Theater Kecil PKJ – Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta, at the annual and prestigious two-days event of Festival Budaya Anak Bangsa 2012. This event is all about culture performed by children and young adults from many schools around Jakarta, showcasing their talents in diversified arts. VVIP guest was Mr. Drs. Bambang Sumiti MM representing Her Excellency Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, The Minister of Women’s Welfare and Child Protection.
14 November
Live taping by B Channel TV media of the activities of young adults Down syndrome at the center of Hope ISDI, jl. Danau Indah Barat Block B9/10, Sunter, North Jakarta.
12 November
Live taping by Berita Satu TV media of the activities of young adults Down syndrome at The Center of Hope ISDI, jl. Danau Indah Barat Block B9/10, Sunter, North Jakarta.
10 - 11 November The World known Fringe Festival is finally here in Indonesia.  It will feature hundreds of amateur and professional artists showcasing their unique talents of various attraction such as: comedy, magic show, poetry reading, music, dances, art show, book festivals and many more.  ISDI is the only performers with learning disabilities that will be performing their musical Angklung and Dance.  Indeed it is an honor and a first time at such an international level.
It will be held at the Lippo Mall Kemang, South Jakarta.
10 November This has to be the highlight of all performances of ISDI this year.....It is the honor to perform at the annual State Ceremony for War Heroes, at the State Cemetery The Taman Makam Pahlawan Kalibata, ISDI will play a song with the Angklung instrument the song Bagimu Pahlawan, welcoming President Susilo Bambang Yoedhoyono and his cabinet Ministers and Ambassadors and VVIP guests.
12 young Down syndrome of ISDI will also showcase their talents in participation at the drawing   competition for school age children.
31 October Traditional dance performances of Disco Kicir-Kicir and Ondel-Ondel from ISDI was seen at the opening ceremony of a three-day seminar of the Ministry of Social Welfare, at the Hotel Mercure Ancol, seaside area in North Jakarta.
21 October Our annual dental check up with Family Dentistry Dental Clinic falls on 21st October this year, giving free facilities of checking and cleaning as well as fluoride treatment to about 30 Down syndrome. The number showed a steady increase from year to year which means that the interest of parents towards awareness of good clean healthy mouth has risen.
13 October ISDI’s musical group The Angklung has once again been invited to perform at the prestigious event of The Festival Angklung of Indonesia themed “The Angklung Vaganza” in city of Bandung, West Java. This will be the first performance of Angklung ISDI outside of Jakarta City. Everyone is feeling the excitement.
29 September Picnic with The Helping Hands Club’s high school students from The Jakarta International School (JIS), introducing the sandy beach and the beauty of the sea for Down syndrome at the Ancol beach, Central Jakarta. There will be sand castles building and some competition games.
25 September ISDI received a rare invitation to participate in the first ever singing competition called “ Competition Appreciation” for people born with disabilities organized by The South Jakarta’s Administration Office and The Welfare Office at the Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan, Jl. RM. Harsono, Ragunan, South Jakarta on a hot Tuesday morning. Other invitees were from The blind and Wimar Asih, a special needs school.
Incredibly ISDI came out winning the 2nd and 3rd  place in the category for the Intellectually Challenged. They were Ms. Regina and Ms. Intan Sartika Tasmaan respectively. We were beyond happy of course.  We were more of the entertainers rather than the singers, but we’re glad we had been given the opportunity to take up this rare challenge. Two thumbs up for all participants.
30 August In raising awareness about people with disabilities for the public, The Sehjira Foundation for the deaf in it’s 10th Anniversary celebration launched a book and documentary movie and public dialog with the theme: HARMONY IN DIVERSITY.  ISDI always and has been supportive of other disabilities, knowing full well the power of togetherness in reaching a positive accomplishment.
ISDI  was represented by it's chairperson, Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub who made a video statement about people born with Down syndrome.  The event was opened by Sehjira Foundation's chairperson, Mrs. Rachmita M. Harahap and attended by families of people with disabilities, special needs schools, non-profit organizations, representatives from the governments such as the Ministry of Labor, from Ministry of Information and Communication and sponsors such as University of Mercu Buana and Ausaid. The event was held at Auditorium University of Mercu Buana and was closed with pleasantries and lunch. 
22 July ISDI accepted an invitation from the office of The Ministry of Women’s Welfare and Child Protection to see a movie “ Ambilkan Bulan Bu” together with The Minister herself, Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar and her entourage, orphans and school children of her staff. As a souvenir, there was photo session with the Minister and goodie bags for everyone.
17 July Angklung ISDI performed well in front of Minister of Women’s Welfare and Child protection, Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari who is accompanied by Mrs. Hatta Radjasa, the wife of Economic Minister Mr. Hatta Radjasa and the wives of cabinet ministers. The event was held at the Eco Park, Ancol, North Jakarta.  Mrs. Linda again paid special attention to the people born with disabilities to be given the same rights as any other citizen of Indonesia.  She asked that all school children must learn to accept those less fortunate and care about them.  Together we can become better.
Many school children gave their best performance.  The child artist Umai was present to  give a poignant support.
14 July The ISDI’s Dance group made a stunning performance of The Balinese Welcome Dance, The Pendet, at the opening ceremony of a series of seminars for parents of children born with disabilities in conjunction with the Indonesian National Day for Children (HAN) 2012.  Another dance from ISDI called Top Pade, a folklore dance from Sumatra was performed by both young women and men adults. Both performances went well and the audience were mesmerized by their abilities and sometimes hilarious acts to break the ice. Many performances were shown all done by people born with disabilities, such as: pantomime, musical band, poem reading and dances. Their performances commanded much applause and tears from the full house audience. They feel so proud.
06 July It’s the second performance on the second day for the musical Angklung ISDI to give their best performance at the 10th Anniversary Bobo Fair, held at the Plenary Hall of The Jakarta Convention Center, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta.
04 July Angklung ISDI had the honor of performing at the formal opening ceremony of “The Journey To The World” 10th Anniversday of Bobo Fair,  a children’s annual fair to promote education through reading books. This year was special, in that The Ministry of Women’s Welfare and Child protection, Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar opened the ceremony attended by The Ambassador to Japan and other government dignitaries.  Mrs. Linda paid special attention to the people born with disabilities, this time it was the Down syndrome.  She asked that these people should not be shunned from the ordinary lives, but together we can make a much more better environment and to encourage and nurture our empathy.
02 July The ISDI Dance Troupe (group A and B) had the honor to perform at the opening ceremony of seminars from FKKADK (Communication Forum for Family with disable Children) in conjunction with The Indonesian National Day for Children (HAN) 2012, at the main Aula of Pusdiklat Welfare Ministry, Jl. Margaguna Raya, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. It as attended by the representative of The Parliament, representative from the Social Welfare Ministry and Education Ministry to observe the event specially for the disable/difable.
The show went very well and was greeted warmly by everyone attended.
28 June Family field trip for members of ISDI to the Bogor Palace and followed by lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby.
17 June Dance group A and B of ISDI performed at the 485th anniversary celebration of town of Jakarta in front of the vice Governor of Jakarta, it was a debut performance of the B Dance group of ISDI in front of distinguished guests.
09 June Angklung ISDI made a special performance in front of the Minister of Women Welfare and Child Protection, Her Excellency Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari on the occasion of Indonesian’s Children’s Day organized by K3PIK and KUPU, at the London School of Public Relations campus’s auditorium at Sudirman Park Office Complex, Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur kav. 35, Central Jakarta.
Her Excellency was amazed at how well ISDI performed and so overcome by emotion by the time the song “We Are The Champion” was played.  Many more special needs children and young adults gave such beautiful performances of their special talents.
02 June ISDI was represented by Mrs. Go Ie Ha (Ishia), Mrs. Dewi Wardhani and Miss Ratu Rimarwati at a one-day seminar from event for Special Needs children of “What Will I Be”? on topic of “Are We Ready for Inclusive model teaching and Strategic Intervention for Special Needs children. The one-day seminar was held at the Sanctuary Hall F3- Menara Kuningan, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, blok X-7 kav.5, South Jakarta.
25 May 23 paintings done by Down syndrome students of the Center of Hope, were exhibited at The Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta, in an event to raise awareness of people with special needs with a theme of “What Will I be”, organized by The College of Allied Education.
Some of the paintings both from Down syndrome and other special needs shown amazing talents.
14 May A Dutch documentary and news television program representative in Indonesia,  named TV VPro, had a fun day of shooting of Michael R. Yacub on his golf skills, noted as the only Down syndrome person able to play golf in Asia, at the Pangkalan Jati Golf field in Cinere, South Jakarta.
12 May A last term activity for ISDI and JIS at their school campus, jl. Terogong Raya no.33, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The theme is: Treasure Hunt and Pizza Party.
06 May An invitation from Kalyana Shira Foundation to watch a movie “ Garuda Didadaku 2” at the Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia complex mall, Central Jakarta.
05 May Our Angklung will perform for the Laetitia Foundation for the blind at The Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.
04 May ISDI was interviewed by TV Kompas at the painting exhibition.
04 May Center of Hope field trip to a painting Exhibition by many artists, but the main feature was paintings of The Goddess of The South Sea, The Kanjeng Ratu Kidul in 99 characters by re known artist Mr. Fans Suardy.
30 April Quarterly swimming evaluation for all swimmers of Club SOIna-ISDI. The event will take place at the swimming pool of Hotel Formula 1, Jl. Cikini Raya no. 7. Central Jakarta.
28 April An invitation to a soft opening of Rumah Moral Center at Cengkareng.  Special guests will be former Minister of Education Mr. Daud Jusuf and wife, and Mr. Raden a childrens’ hero in the 60s era.
15 April A belated celebration of WDSD 2012 – World Down Syndrome Day, was held at the premises of the campus of The National University of Jakarta on Sunday,15th April.  It was meant as a collaboration between ISDI and the university to fulfill their program of hands-on with people born with learning disabilities. Top pop artists gave their hearts and full support for the day and a magician gave a  memorable performance.  Our ISDI’s dancers and musicians also gave their best performances for all to enjoy and appreciate and proof that THEY CAN, and THEY  HAVE  VALUE.
12 April For Easter celebration this year, ISDI was given the opportunity to perform their musical Angklung at The Arcadia Fellowship in Menara Arcadia building, South Jakarta. It was received with much appreciation.  The atmosphere became one of jubilation.
30 March ISDI was presented by Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub at the audition of talents of children with special needs for the National Children’s Day in June organized by K3PIK (Support Group for Special needs Children) at their head office at Jl. Wijaya Kusuma no. B30, MPR Complex, South Jakarta.
27 March Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub became the guest speaker at the Ministry of Social Welfare for Women and Child protection at The Akmani Hotel, Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim no. 91, Central Jakarta. The topic was covering the creative management of raising a child with Down syndrome, creating a better life and building a future for them.
20 March Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub – Chair of ISDI became the guest speaker of the Ministry of Health short raise awareness seminar at The Maharani Hotel, Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya no. 8, South Jakarta. The topic was about the health and raising a child with Down syndrome; its ups and downs, its difficulties in accepting and socializing , its raising awareness and building a better life for the child.
16 March Activities coverage of The Center of Hope ISDI by The Jakarta Post newspaper at their location in Sunter, North Jakarta.
16 March Talk show at DA AI TV of Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub – Chair of ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia), Mrs. Asnur and her son Okki, Mrs Alia and her daughter Felicia.  The topic was about raising awareness of raising a child with Down syndrome, the pain, the joy, the hope and the future.
14 March Phone interview of Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub – Chair of ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia) with The Jakarta Post.
07 March Live interview with The Jakarta Post of Mrs. Penny Robertson – Chair of Down Syndrome International and Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub – Chair of ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia) at The Dharmawangsa Hotel, South Jakarta.
The topic was centered around the experience in life with a child born with Down syndrome, what has been done and carving a future for them.
06 March Regular meeting of POKJA of the Minister of Social Welfare for Women and Child Protection at Hotel Akmani, menteng, Central Jakarta.
02 March Video shooting by a Production House of several types of sports by athletes of SOIna at GOR Ragunan, South Jakarta for the purpose of education for all SOIna coaches in all provinces of Indonesia.
29 February Miss Intan Sartika and Miss Ita Maria gave a beautiful performance of the Betawi Dance of Jali-Jali at the opening ceremony of the general assembly session of The Department of Social Welfare, at the Bidakara building, Pancoran, South Jakarta.
The event was attended by a few Ministers of the State: The Minister of Social Welfare, The Minister of…… and the deputy Minister of Welfare for Women and Children acting on behalf of Mrs. Linda Gumelar.
18 February The high school Helping Hands Club of JIS- The Jakarta International School invited ISDI yet again to a day of have fun in making different musical instruments made from used cereal boxes, colored papers, strings and glues to make a rendition of the guitars, drums and maracas bottles (percussion), after which they sang and danced using their instruments to produce the unique sound. Everyone enjoyed it.
12 February BIS- British International School Road Race- ISDI participated at the annual Road race at their school campus in Bintaro, Tangerang, West Java.
11 February Short seminar of PORTUPENCANAK ( Parents of Disable children) at the Hotel Kaisar, Duren Tiga, South Jakarta.
10 February The first time Angklung ISDI gave a musical performance at the Jakarta International School’s JIStock musical evening. The song was ‘ We are the Champion” and received a standing ovation from the audience which were junior and high school students with their respective teachers.  
28 January
IBM invites 100 Down syndrome children and 100 regular children to see the movie “ Alvin and the Chipmunks 3” at  the Planet Hollywood Theater, South Jakarta.  Prior to the movie, IBM volunteers invites all 200 children to play games from laptop computers.  
27 January Taping of talk show on Arts with Mr. Samuel Santoso, a Down syndrome adult and his mother Mrs. Lina Suarni at TV B Channel.
27 January
Special guests visited our Center of Hope.  They were: Mr. Lee Khoon Choy a Singapore envoy and party and Mr. Sutan Remy Syahdeini, Chairman of PT. Danareksa Tbk and party. All guests were very impressed at the achievements and abilities and talents of our Down syndrome students. We are very proud of every individual in our Center of Hope. The future looks good.
20 January Miss Intan Sartika and Mr. Alfeus Susanto have performed a Sumatra dance called Top Bade at the opening ceremony of FNKCM (Federal National for The Mentally Retarded) seminar at Jl. Nangka, Cilandak KKO, Cilandak, South Jakarta.
17 January
Field trip by students from the Center of Hope to see Sand Sculptures of various shape and forms depicting culture and history from many countries as well as local by foreign artists at Sentul City, Bogor, West Java.
About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

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