Activities of ISDI 2014

January 10 From Us with Love, Charity Musical Concert with ISDI by The Global Jaya International School, Bintaro, Tangerang with an apt theme of: Let me be your Inspiration.  The event was supported by Citilink, well known artists singers such as: Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya and Armand Maulana at their beautiful Theather building in the school ground campus.
It’s main featured was to show case the musical and dance ability of our students from our Center of Hope ISDI in: Angklung, Violin and keyboard solo.  A newly formed program of collaboration and inclusion in the form of a contemporary hip hop dance has the audience spellbound. In fact all the performers and performances received a standing ovation for their hard effort to overcome their various disabilities.  It was touching as well joyful.  
A 10 years old little Down syndrome girl danced her soul away to folklore music with greatest ease and style…like a lithe ballerina….so graceful. A handful of well known artists such as singer Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya and Armand Maulana helped grace the evening to the enthusiastic audience.
The event was supported by Citilink Airways.
Overall, it was a successful night and what a night to remember!!!!! Thanks guys!!!.  We’re grateful.
January 12 Three teachers from Center of Hope ISDI and Mrs. Aryanti went to a learning seminar for people with special needs, given by guest speaker Mr. Soo Kui Chian (KC Soo) at the Fame Paramount Hotel, Gading Serpong, Tangerang.  It discussed the method of Mediated Learning Experiences in the handling of children with many and various learning disabilities from the severe to the genius.  It was an eye opener and the comfort of knowing that every ways of invention, ideas are OK in teaching children who needs help.  There is no right or wrong to someone’s method of teaching if needed, only a solution to every problem..
January 23 - 24
Mrs. Aryanti representing a parent of Down syndrome child and ISDI at the Editing and Design Formula for children with disabilities, a manual book to be used by health care in all Indonesia. The program was initiated by The Minister of Health Department.  It took place at the Park Lane Hotel, Casablanca, South Jakarta. The meeting was graced by many departmental of health and welfare, non-profit organizations involving the care of people with disabilities and representative from WHO (World Health Organization).  The two day meet produced a sensible, easy to read and understand manual book.  It will launched soon and spread across Indonesia and another easy manual book for parents to be discussed and published.
February 11
Interviewed  Mrs. Aryanti  R. Yacub, chairperson of ISDI with Elsafan Foundation in Radio Prestasi  "Melihat Dengan Mata Hati", with the topic Motivation and Inspiration.
February 15 ISDI gave a perfect performance at the Chinese New Year celebration of Astra BMW Pluit, North Jakarta. The Group musical Angklung of ISDI played a few Chinese to the delight and amazement of the audience which earned good cheers and applause.
February 23
ISDI is back on stage!!!!...with Gigi Art of Dance doing their best performance of contemporary Hip Hop Dance routine in front of young and enthusiastic audience at the Global Jaya International School Theater, Bintaro, Tangerang.
March 15 A very nice and pleasant activity by The Youth of Kristus Ketapang Church and students of Center of Hope ISDI with the theme “ Sharing the joy of Blessings”.  It was held at our Center of Hope building at Sunter, Jakarta…..? Many of whom have never met, let alone interact with people born with Down syndrome before.  At first it was awkward but as the day went by, everyone was feeling more comfortable and ended the day with so many good memories and personal experiences that will last a life time.
Here is a link quote from a 17 years old youth of the experience:

March 15 The 2014 celebration of World Down syndrome Day which falls on 21st March, had a theme of: Wellness and Well Being. Since December 2013, gearing towards the 21st of March, ISDI has started a series of seminars for our members and all who is interested. The first activity was done in ……of December 2013 with the cleaning and strengthening of teeth of all our members, in collaboration with The Indonesian Society of Special Care in Dentistry. The 2nd seminar was on 15th March collaborating with The Jakarta Eye Center at their new office building in Kedoya, Jakarta… members the benefit of knowledge of the healthy eyes for Down syndrome for parents to understand the condition of the eyes of their offsrpings in correcting the eyesight to give room for major improvement and thus overcoming their disabilities.
Opthalmologist Dr. Florence Meilani Manurung specializes in eyes of children with special needs came to our rescue and explained thoroughly and explicitly, with the help of a psychologist Ibu Ristriarie, M.Psi,  to combine the understanding of having a child with Down syndrome.  It was followed by questions and answers session by parents.  It was apparently a very necessary topic of short seminar and very beneficial.  A lot of changes see a lot of improvements.
Ending the event was a special hand bouquet giving by two young Down syndrome to the guest speakers.  The hand bouquet were special because they were made from chocolate handmade by the students of The Center of Hope ISDI in their cooking program.
March 23 Still celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, on 23rd March we had a chance to showcase our months-long practice of traditional dance The Disco Kicir-Kicir, a folklore dance of the Betawi people of Indonesia.  It was done in open-air stage in a car free day event on Jl. Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta.  The event was staged and sponsored by PT. Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia as part of their CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility program. We felt thankful because it was a way of introducing or raising awareness of people born with Down syndrome to the mass.
March 24 Yet still in commemoration of The World Down Syndrome Day, The musical Angklung ISDI performed at the talk show on “The Benefit of Music for Special Needs Children” held at the Pinisi Edutainment Park who specializes in educating children through play and music, at their playground building in the vicinity of Pasar Raya Grande, Block M, South Jakarta.  Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub, chairperson of ISDI and the well known activist for youth human rights, Mr. Seto Mulyadi….. and psychologist Mrs. Sri Rakhmawati, M.Psi became guest speakers at the event explaining all the wonderful benefits of music for children with special needs. The management of Pinisi Edutainment Park promised ISDI of an annual invitation for every 21st March to stage a performace as their way of assisting us raising awareness of people born with Down syndrome.  For us it is a dream come true. Thank you Pinisi….
April 3 The celebration of The World Down Syndrome Day for ISDI was ended by a live televised talk show on Da Ai TV at their vast studio at Pantai Indah Kapuk,  North Jakarta.  Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as a parent of a Down syndrome child accompanied by a psychologist Mrs. Dr. Finandita Utari, M.Psi.,with moderator Mrs. Ayoe Sutomo discussed the theme “ How to Raise a Child with Down syndrome”.
April 12 Pop Mie Event Charity "Fun With Down syndrome" held on 7 Eleven Sunter, North Jakarta.
April 23 Cooking demonstration for parents of students of the Center of Hope.
April 26 - 28 What a dream come true!!!, it’s the most awesome program coming to life. It’s a collaboration and inclusion in the Arts through dancing between ISDI and Gigi Art of Dance  formed last April and aptly named “Danshare”.
In so little time Danshare has performed in front of VVIP guests of The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia in the event of raising awareness on people born with Disabilities. Danshre performed at The Indian Community celebrating their all important Dipavali Day - Festival of Light. They performed their best for The Festival of Indonesia Creative Power 2013, celebrating all of Indonesia’s bests. And last but not least, Danshare did an amazing performance at The Global Jaya International School, organized by their students of year 3 to high school in the even of raising awareness for people born with Down syndrome.  Two nationally famous artist singers TT DJ and Ruth Sahanaya joined in celebrating the event. This event was sponsored by Citilink Airways.
2014 brings so much goodness and luck to ISDI.  Danshare will be performing internationally.  The first one will be the folklore the Ngaronjeng Dance hip hop contemporary style at The Annual Festival of The International Dance Day on 25-27 April.  Though Danshare will only be exhibiting the performance, nontheless it is a milestone that Down syndrome from Indonesia is being challenged to show their ability in this prestigious event. We sure hope we will rise to the challenge and we will prevail!!!!.
May 07 Story telling happens to be a very important program for people with intellectual disabilities. In collaboration with Rumah Dongeng Pelangi  ( a non-profit story telling organization) and Da Ai TV, story telling is being realized for the students of our center of hope ISDI. On the 7th of May Da Ai TV which specializes in human charity made possible for 20 of our Center of Hope ISDI students to participate in the live production of story telling for special needs people, with some singing and dancing incorporated in the live shooting.  Everybody had fun and somehow understood better of the story being told.
The shooting was done in the vast complex of the Da Ai TV compound in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.

May 10 One of the new programs of Center of Hope ISDI is story telling, this is to improve the understanding of the students learning to grasps so many what’s happening in the real world and life through listening to stories made easy and fun.  The community of story tellers Rumah Dongeng Pelangi, is utterly helpful in collaboration with The Center of Hope ISDI in realizing this program.  On this day, as many as 15 people from Rumah Dongeng Pelangi is experimenting their first ever ability to tell story to intellectual disabilities people. 
May 24 Angklung ISDI has been performed to support the launching of eMKa Land – a non-profit organization for education for family chaired by Melly Kiong, a woman from Singkawang, who has deep concern for the betterment of the next generation and who held the title of the best woman motivator of 2013 in front of VIP guests such as Mr. Daoed Joesoef, former Education and Culture Minister of The Republic of Indonesia 1978 – 1983.  The event will be held at the auditorium of the Radio Republic of Indonesia – known as RRI, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat no. 4-5, Central Jakarta.
June 01 It has been 10 wonderful years of our friendship with The British International School involving charity and raising awareness about Down syndrome being accepted and included in all sorts of activities in life.  Many of their ex-cul acitivities involved ISDI, such as: The annual sports of Biathlon, World Run Day and many more other than sports.
This year Biathlon at The British International School marked the many absentees from ISDI group due to three most important events in the calendar: 1. The Los Angeles Special Olympics in the US on June 2-9, and 2. The PORCADA – an annual event of sports for the disabilities, 3. The PORNAS – the targeted big event of the nationals for the disable on June 23-27.  But all in all everyone who could attend had a good time and went home feeling happy and satisfied.
June 05-08 Special honor was bestowed to three special athletes: Mr. Christian Husen Sitompul, Mr. Michael Rosihan Yacub and Miss Stephanie Handojo to represent Indonesia in the Special Olympics World Invitational Games in Los Angeles, California, USA in swimming.  There will be no less than 20 countries participating from Asia, Europe, Canada and the US with 1800 athletes, 3000 coaches and 7000 volunteers to make it worthy of a world game for these special people. It is truly an honor to be able to participate in such a prestigious world event.  It is also a recognition and stamp of approval for these special people.
June 10 This year brings so much luck to ISDI in many variations.  The dream to perform in front of Governor elect Mr. Joko Widodo or Jokowi as he is warmly known and his Vice Governor Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok as he warmly called at the 487th anniversary of DKI Jakarta at Monas Central Jakarta.  Angklung ISDI will be performing and as well as ISDI’s new program of collaboration and inclusion in the arts, a recently joined venture with Gigi Art of Dance, the Ngaronjeng Dance, the well known folk dance of Betawi, very aptly chosen as the celebration of the people of DKI Betawi.  This dance was debuted in Singapore on 27th April 2014 in front of a large audience.  We hope this will also be endearing to the people of Betawi and the first ever performance by a joint disability and non disability dancers.
June 13 The Special Olympics World Games, The Los Angeles Invitational in Southern California, was super fantastic for all special athletes world wide. The venue: The USC campus…a world class university very appropriate place for this big and world games. The date: 5th-8th June. The participants: Special Olympics international from 13 countries and tens of national Special Olympics Organizations. The all Down syndrome Team Indonesia brought back four (4) silver medals and one (1) bronze  and three (3) ribbons to present to Indonesia as the best swimmers chosen by the Special Olympics Indonesia (SOIna) to represent the country leading to the big event in 2015. It is a show case to let the world know that Indonesia has good and ready swimmers to compete with the best of the best of the world. And they are (in alphabetical order): 1. Christian Husen Sitompul: 1 bronze medal for 25m breast stroke style swim and a ribbon for 5th place for 50m free style swim, 2. Michael Rosihan Yacub: 1 silver medal for 50m breast stroke swim style, 1 silver medal for 100m free style swim, and one (1) ribbon for  6th place for 50m free style swim, 3.  Stephanie Handoyo: 1 silver medal for 50m breast stroke swim style, 1 silver medal for 100m free style swim and one (1) ribbon for 4th place for 50m free syle. The weather was glorious throughout the whole event, the sun was shining but cooling as well, so we all had no problem of jetlag or feeling super tired due to our very long distance travels and big time differences. The support shown by the locals and police was fantastic..which saw the Police force donating over US$ 1 million for this event alone. Other big Sponsors went out of their way to give support….thus everything was in abundance.  All went home feeling proud and satisfied…because we are greatness.
June 14

ISDI accepted an invitation from IBM to see a movie “Dino Time” at Planet Hollywood, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta. This special invitation is dedicated to some non-profit organization with, one of which ISDI.

Sept 11 ISDI presents some musical entertainment played by our well known Angklung group at the opening ceremony of The Masterpiece of Food and Fashion of Indonesia or Karya Emas Tangan Indonesia which exhibited beautiful pearl jewelry, assortments of exotic handicrafts, fashion and foodstuffs, all organized by IWAPI- Ikatan Wanita Pengusaha Indonesia chaired by Mrs. Nita Yudi.  The opening ceremony was honored by Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, The Indonesian Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Angklung ISDI played her favorite song of Gang Kelinci among other songs which made her happy and most satisfied.  ISDI received a thunderous applause from guests. Mrs. Linda Amalia SAri Gumelar then pose for group pictures with ISDI.  Everyone was happy. The event was held at The Lotte Avenue Mall, Casablanca, South Jakarta attended by many VIP guests.
Sept 15 It was indeed an honor for ISDI to perform twice at one important event.  At the opening  and closing ceremony. For the closing ceremony ISDI gave the well known folklore dance of Disco Kicir-Kicir which was performed by five beautiful and cheerful young ladies who dance their time away to the applause of VIP guests and VVIP guest Mr. Sapta Nirwandar, the Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.
Sept 27 Our famed musical bamboo Angklung made its performance at the UNESCO event of confirmation of the folklore Aceh dance " The Saman Dance" as the national treasure of Indonesia.  Present was the representative of UNESCO for culture in Indoensia, Mr. Gaura Mancacariradipura, KRT, he was touched and moved to tear to see our fantastic Down syndrome played several songs beautifully with no mistakes. All who saw were pleasantly surprised and left feeling proud. ISDI received a thunderous applause.

Sept 30 The famed Balinese Pendet Dance from ISDI will honor Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar as The Minister of Women and Children Welfare of The Republic of Indonesia on the occasion of CSR of PT Trans Retail Indonesia or Carrefour supermarkets to several non-profit organizations. The event will take place at Menara Kuningan  Building, Kunigan, South Jakarta.

Oct 10 Mr. Robby Eko will appear solo serenading the youth of The Sunter Vihara/ Buddhist Temple in their religious event on the occasion of celebrating their anniversary with his violin and keyboard. We wish Mr. Robby Eko all the best and receives the applause he so deserves.
Oct 10 ISDI's latest program of collaboration and inclusion with The Gigi Art of Dance will make a dance performance of contemporary hip hop at The Tarakanita All Girls School at their Pulo Raya campus, South Jakarta.
Oct 22 All the students of Center of Hope were invited to a fantastic Indian culinary festivities of Dipavali celebration by one of the parents of our student.  It was a unique experience for both sides, but everyone was happy in spirit and belly.
Nov 02 Our annual dental check up with Family Dentistry Dental Clinic falls on 08th December  this year, giving free facilities of checking and cleaning as well as fluoride treatment to about 30 Down syndrome. The number showed a steady increase from year to year which means that the interest of parents towards awareness of good clean healthy mouth has risen.
Nov 12 Center of Hope 2nd series outing of “Together We Grow with Center of Hope” is held at “Jendela Alam”, a natural sanctuary for live animals in Lembang, Bandung-West Java. Here our students refresh their lessons of the many different kinds of animals learnt in class at The Center of Hope ISDI in Jakarta.
Nov 15 ISDI sent 70 strong members to IBM’s invitation of film preview of "Tad, The last explorer" together with 500 other children at the Cinema XXI, Plaza Epicentrum, Kuningan-South Jakarta.
Nov 16 It will be a first for ISDI's collaboration and inclusion program with The Gigi Art of Dance to show case their ability as Down syndrome "yes we can" at Gigi's annual drama musical of E-Motions themed The Last leaf at The Jakarta Theater Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta.
Nov 18

Angklung ISDI, the group disable musician playing angklung and currently still the only one in Indonesia became the main attraction in an event celebrating the anniversary of The Instrument Angklung became The Indonesian Culture confirmed by UNESCO on 16th November 2011, at the General Assembly meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. The event was aptly themed “When Culture Became A Pride” and was celebrated at The University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta at their main campus, Ciputat, Tangerang, organized by Rumah Angklung Indonesia as part of their new program of Angklung goes to university.

Nov 19 Mr. Wilbert H. Rimper, a renowned musician from California, USA made a surprise visit to our Center of Hope ISDI to see and made sure to jam with our Angklung group blowing away his Clarinet. It was such sweet music.
Nov 23 is that time of year again. The British School Jakarta, it’s new name, invited ISDI to participate. This time there were more participants than last year. It was a hot and sunny weather, but the spirit was high and everyone enjoyed it tremendously. Naturally there is always hilarious happenings with ISDI around.
Go.. ISDI.. Go
Dec 03 Our musical angklung ISDI were honoured to perform at the ceremonial celebration of the International Disability Day at the MOI (Mall of Indonesia), Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta with 1.000-1500 other special needs children. The newly elected governor of DKI Jakarta was unfortunately unable to attend. But because the event was full of fun, games and film viewing of “I’m Star” as the film viewed by 1.000 special needs people which was recorded by the Indonesian MURI Record which is equivalent to The Guinness Book Record of the World...., everybody was not as disappointed, but having their own fun time.
Dec 08 Center of Hope has a new friend.  The Pelita Harapan International Junior and High School in Lippo Village, Karawaci.
Their 8th grader met students from Center of Hope to have fun for morning activities of arts and crafts, dance and a little sports.  It was an introductory first time meet with high hopes of continuation of many more activities in the years to come. The day spent was fun and educational for the 8th grader…it was their community service program, but an eye opener on disable people.  It ended beautifully for everyone adjusted to the situation and managed to make good impressions and interacted well.
Dec 10 Center of Hope has a new friend…The International Raffles School of Pondok Indah.  We had a good time though a short one, celebrating early Xmas with singing together and getting to know each other.
Dec 11 Field trip to Flora & Fauna Show at Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta.
Dec 12 The first time ISDI Dance group is honored by Wanita PERSAHI ( Female Lawyers Club Indonesia) at their anniversary held at Club House Apartment, Jl. K. H. Mas Mansyur no. 24, Central Jakarta.
Dec 12-14 ISDI representing Indonesia at the 3rd Annual meeting of APDSF (Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Foundation) in Denpasar, Bali, which was held at the Mutiara Boutique Resort and Spa.  Nine (9) countries attended the meeting, a few are new and others met like old friends.  A new addition has been added to the format of APDSF, which is the Medical team. Another meeting was programmed at the WDSC in Chennai in August 2015.
Dec 19 SDI performed and entertained congregations of the church GPDI Filadelfia at their Xmas celebration.  It was held at Bintaro, South Jakarta
About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

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