Activities of ISDI 2013

January 12 It is for the 2nd time ISDI was invited by the Buddhist Youth Dharma Artha of The Institute of Business International Indonesia (IBII) to perform at their enlightening seminar of Love with theme of Past Present and Future, at their campus in Jl. Yos Sudarso no. 89, Sunter, North Jakarta.
ISDI dance troupe group A and B performed nicely with enjoyment and was enjoyed by many including the High Buddhist priest.

February 16 For the first time on a Sunday morning most of the students of our Center of Hope participated in the practice of voice talent for Down syndrome organized by the Blessing Children Communication Clinic at their compound of Ruko Golden 8, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara Blok C No. 3, Gading Serpong, Tangerang.
March 02-03 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub representing Down syndrome Indonesia attended and gave her presentation at the 1st Conference APDSF (Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Federation) held in Singapore at the Holiday Inn Orchard Hotel. 13 countries attended and made it successful and pledged their commitment to move forward and make the conference a regular agenda of the APDSF and DSI (Down Syndrome International).
March 03 13 members of ISDI and their parents/caregivers participated in the annual Road Race organized by The British International School at their campus compound at Jl. Raya Jombang Bintaro Sektor 9, Tangerang.

March 16-17 ISDI gone global. This is the 2nd time for ISDI’s dance team to go international and the 1st for the musical angklung to go abroad to showcase their hard work and talent for the world to see and enjoy. The event was a double joint celebration in the form of a street festival of the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) and St. Patrick’s Day of the Irish Community held at Circular Road, Boat Quay, Singapore, with dignitaries from three countries (Singapore, Ireland, Indonesia) present and made an unforgettable event for all.
March 21 ISDI joined the 1st POKJA (workshop) of BKKKS non profit organization for social welfare, to recommend and implement benefits for people with all types of disabilities to the government.
April 21 14th Anniversary of ISDI
April 22-23 The US Embassy has invited ISDI to participate in the free workshop by Mr. Alito Alessi, a dance teacher of modern art direct from  the USA to the teaching of dance for all people with/without disabilities at the IKJ- Institute Of Arts Jakarta and to the open presentation and discussion @america, at The Pacific Place building, South Jakarta. His DanceAbility International Institution was co-founded by Alito Alessi in 1987 and in 1994 further created his dance to incorporate people with disabilities through dance. It uses improvisational dance to promote artistic expression and exploration between people of any and all abilities or disabilities and to dispel any misconceptions and prejudices between them.

May 01 ISDI will give their best performances of angklung and dance at the opening ceremony of The Compassion Festival being held at the Mall of Indonesia (MOI), Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta by Mr. Gede Prama’s meditation group.
May 06 TV Trans7 Channel is documenting the use of holistic therapy of Cranio Sacral for normalizing the defect function of the brain due to heart stroke or others and a try out for people born with Down syndrome.  Mr. Michhael R. Yacub was selected as patient for the event representing Down syndrome and artist Gugun Gondrong as severe heart stroke patient.  The event took place at the Bio E Indonesia Clinic, Jl. Bumi No. 16, Mayestik, South Jakarta.

May 11 It is always an honor to be invited as guest performers in special religious events.  This is the 7th year that ISDI was included as that special guest to perform a special talent by our Down syndrome young adults serenading the fascinated audience with their angklung musical.  The event was celebrating the new year of The Waisak 2557, orchestrated by the junior and high school students of The Cindera Mata School, a Buddhist based religion school in Bekasi.
May 16 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub representing ISDI Foundation at the special meeting for people with disabilities with The Ministry of Social Welfare for Women and Protection for Children, It was held at Grand Cemara Hotel, Jl. Cemara No. 1, Jakarta Pusat.
May 19 It’s time to participate in the Biathlon race of The British International School annual event.  ISDI will be supported by 30 strong athletes.  They will race in the two event of swimming and sprint.  The event will be held at their campus at Jl. Raya Jombang, Bintaro Sektor 9, Tangerang.
May 20 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub representing ISDI Foundation at the short seminar and raise awareness event of Rawinala Foundation for the blind for advocacy and social awareness for people with disabilities.  The event was attended and officially opened by Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar as the Minister of Social Welfare for Women and Child Protection. It was held at the Grand Cempaka Hotel, Jl. Let. Jend. Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, North Jakarta.
May 25 Board members of ISDI and parents of children born with Down syndrome attended in full force to support the one-day seminar covering important topics of health issues  given by doctors and health experts from Singapore and Malaysia. The event was organized by The Down Syndrome Association of Singapore and Down Syndrome International and collaborating with The Royal Progress Hospital of Indonesia and was held at their Sunter branch hospital, North Jakarta.
May 25 This year ISDI will not be performing as a group at the annual Holy Devotion of Maria by The Indonesian Catholic Church members being held at the Plaza Bapindo 8th floor, South Jakarta, but instead will be sending Mr. Robby Eko Raharja as a solo violinist.  This will mark him as the first solo performer from ISDI with a different musical instrument, in fact he is the first ever violinist Down syndrome in Indonesia.
May 31 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as parent will be guest speaker to SOIna –Special Olympics Indonesia at their event of Healthy Athletes in Bandung.
June 02 Every year after the Easter break, The British International School is holding an open Bazaar, this year the theme is all about Indonesia, thus it is a privilege that ISDI was asked to play the angklung and dance to support this event and to give a chance whenever possible to ISDI to showcase their ability honoring the long-standing relationship developed since 2004.
June 08 Mr. Michael R. Yacub and Miss Intan Sartika Tasmaan as well their mothers, Mrs. Aryanti R. yacub and Mrs. Maisi Tasmaan were special guests at the 39th anniversary of KPP Pasundan Christian Church in Bekasi.  Michael and Intan performed a traditional folklore dance from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, Sumatra, while their mothers share their experiences and knowledge of having Down syndrome children to the gathering and gave significant and useful tips to parents of Down syndrome children there.
June 09 It was a ground breaking event for people with disabilities to join perform with the best of non-disabilities at the first ever event of arts through dance. It was choreographed by the super talented and extraordinary Miss Gianti Giadi of Gigi Art Of dance, Indonesia…, this will not be possible if not for the initial recommendation from The Down Syndrome Association of Singapore to Miss Gianti that a collaboration and creative choreographing of dance joining people with disabilities and non-disabilities is a possibility… and thanks to the master-mind of the famed Mr. Alito Alessi of DanceAbility, USA, who confirmed and opened our minds and hearts to this possibility. The performance was awesome and touching to say the least…..and a new chapter of great possibilities opened up.
June 19 7 beautiful ISDI dancers had the honor to open the beginning of the Indonesian Children's National Day by performing the colorful Pendet Dance, a traditonal Balinese welcome dance for VIP guests.  The event covered important issues of health care presented by two medical experts, music and other arts performances by the disabled people, specifically the Blind and Down syndrome. It was held at the Siwabessy Auditorium at the office building of the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta.
June 21 DA AI TV, a television channel based in Taiwan, Taipei and focussing its programs for humanitarian works will be taping an interview of Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub as mother to a Down syndrome young boy and chairperson of ISDI supported by Mrs. Ika Maria as mother to a Down syndrome young girl and head administration of The Center of Hope ISDI. This program will be televised in the Mata Hati Program, a program of raising awareness of people overcoming their difficulties and disabilitis to improve in life.
June 22 A donation giving ceremony by The Tupperware She Can program of Children Helping Children 2013, to 22 recipients of special needs school and non-profit organizations.  The Center of Hope ISDI is one of those lucky recipients by way of Rumah Moral with Mrs. Melly Kiong as its Chairperson. This event will be held at the Tribecca Park, Central Park Mall, Jl. Letjend S. Parman, Jakarta Barat.

June 23 Mrs. Aryanti attended a Health seminar by way of information from DNA of a person extracted from the root of hair. These information will tell the abnormality of the health of a person.  The founder is Mr. Prof. Dr. Adam Abdul Gafoor, MD., DSc., PhD.
June 25-26 The first series of evaluation of education and test of independency of all the students of The Center of Hope ISDI since Sept. 2009 at a mountain resort..
The event proved to be an excellent choice of decision.  It was also a time of reflection for the teachers to evaluate their method of teaching.  Education aside, everyone had a wonderful time.  Those students who came unaccompanied proved to us that all the teachings we instill in them were beneficial and made a significant improvement in the quality of their lives.

July 22-26

College Allied of Educators Indonesia is so concerned and passionate in raising awareness for the special needs teens of Indonesia.  This second series of art exhibition proved to show just that, but with a difference.  There will be a special autistic teenager Miss. Kenny Chandra who will be showing and painting her wonderful creation on the spot. Her painting will be autioned off to raise funds for her studies.
July 23 Mrs. Maisi A. Wiriadi and her daughter Miss. Intan Sartika represented to participate in the Indonesian Children's National Day 2013 which will formally be attended and celebrated by the President of Indonesia and The First Lady.  This special event held at the Convention Hall, SMESCO Tower, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 94, South Jakarta.
Aug 24 Angklung ISDI performed on the 26th Birthday Celebration of Nuansa Music. The event was held at the La Piazza Mall, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. 
Aug 27 Angklung ISDI performed on World Music Festival 2013. The event was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta.
Aug 31 ISDI participated in art exhibition painting for charity, this event invited by College Allied of Educators.
Sept 09 ISDI participated in the Children Helping Children by Tupperware She Can.
Sept 12 ISDI participated in Mentari International School Community Service Fair.
Sept 27-28 Mrs. Aryanti R. Yacub attending the all important National Conference for learning disabilities of children with special needs as representative of ISDI. The theme was "To Enhance The Quality of Inclusive Education".  It was held at Menara Kuningan Building, F2-F3 floor, Jl. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
Oct 05 Six happy faced ISDI's dancers performed their best of The Balinese welcoming dance of Pendet to the mass audience and Her Excellency Mrs. Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, The Indonesian Minister for Women and Child Welfare. The event was the highlight  of The National Conference for learning disabilities of children with special needs. The night was all fun and amazing, for it was all about watching the amazing talents of the many different abilities of young people with special needs. It was held at the Sanctuary Hall, menara Kuningan building, Jl. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta.
Oct 07 ISDI attending the seminar on Stem Cell from Villa Medica, Germany, for people with disabilities.  The Governor of DKI Jakarta has put in a special attention for people with disabilities to improve their lives and to eradicate the negative stigma so far. Many non-profit  organization representing people with special needs attended the seminar.  It was held at the Veronica Room of Hotel Mulia, Senayan, South Jakarta.
Oct 12 This will be the first time ISDI perform for a sport event. It is the famous and glamourous Balinese Pendet Dance for welcoming the VIP guests at the opening ceremony of the Regional Karate Tournament of the 37th Dojo Cup. The important event is held at the Sports Center, East Jakarta.
Nov 10 The Hindu Indian Community for the first time invited the group dance of Gigi Art of Dance and ISDI to perform at their religious celebration of Dipavali or Diwali which celebrate the Hindu Festival of Light, on Sunday 10th November 2013 at their Sadhu Vaswani Center at Sunter, North Jakarta.  His Excellency Mater Ishaanji  from the ShivYog organization who is world known for his charitable good work to change people's mind set of negative stigma to happiness and bright future.
Nov 21 ISDI attended the granting of grace to the figure of Women Inspiring - Mrs. Melly Kiong with the theme "Love Jakarte", held at the Ballroom Emporium Pluit Mall.

Nov 22 ISDI participated as audience event “Dahsyat” RCTI, toward the International Disability Day event, held at Studio 4 RCTI.
Dec 01 Hip hop contemporer ISDI with Gigi Art of Dance in the event "Indonesia Creative Promotion Week", held at Epiwalk Kuningan.

Dec 05 Dance group performed Betawi dance in celebration of the International Day of Disabilities, located in Building BSBI, East Jakarta.
Dec 08 Our annual dental check up with Family Dentistry Dental Clinic falls on 08th December  this year, giving free facilities of checking and cleaning as well as fluoride treatment to about 30 Down syndrome. The number showed a steady increase from year to year which means that the interest of parents towards awareness of good clean healthy mouth has risen.
Dec 09 Field trip activities the student Center of Hope to Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia.
Dec 12 ISDI performed solo violin, keyboards and sing at the Christmas Celebrate Sekolah Pelangi Kasih, Primary School students.

About Us

ISDI (Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia or Indonesian Down syndrome Society) was formally established on 21 st April 1999. A non-profit support group of parents, medical professions, special-needs experts, teachers, and all of those who have deep concern.

We, as parents are very concerned of the future of children with Down syndrome in Indonesia especially when little is done to support them by the government or other non-profit organizations.

We so look forward towards a better future by sharing our experiences and supporting each other in our monthly gatherings. This way we gain knowledge and our children benefit from our experiences.

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